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  3. Services for alumni *Information on the PIA after5club also available here//卒業生向けサービスのご案内 ※ぴあアフター5クラブもこちら

Services for alumni *Information on the PIA after5club also available here//卒業生向けサービスのご案内 ※ぴあアフター5クラブもこちら

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Toyo University offers the following services to its alumni, including those who have completed the Graduate School programs. Please make good use of them.


1Event tickets are available via the PIA after5club, without charges of service or postage fees.
   Please refer to this page for service contents and detailed procedures.
   Discounts of tickets for movies, art museums, etc. are available, and hard-to-get tickets of music festivals and sports games can also be purchased with high probability of success! The tickets for events nationwide on sale for general customers through [Ticket PIA] are also available. You can use valuable services saving you charges of service and postage fees!
   There also are invitations to movie previews and gifts. Why not try this service?


2You can hold alumni reunions on campus
   If you are planning alumni reunions for your faculty, department, seminar, or circle, don’t hesitate to consult with us. We can offer cafeterias, the Sky Hall, or conference rooms as venues.


3Libraries are open to alumni
   University libraries are open to alumni. If you have a library card, you can also borrow materials.
★ Issuing a library card
   To have your library card issued, please bring an ID document such as your driver’s license, with which we can confirm your address and date of birth, to the library service counter on the nearest campus of Toyo University (Hakusan, Kawagoe, Asaka or Itakura). After you have filled out the necessary documents, we will issue your library card.
* If you are graduating in March 2017 and need a library card before April 10, please also bring your Certificate of Graduation (Completion) or diploma with you (photocopies are accepted for both of these documents).

★Borrowing rules

Item limit

Borrow periodRenewals
BooksPeriodicalsAV materials
Alumni (Graduates)5(3)4 weeks1 week2 weeksUnavailable

* The number in ( ) indicates the maximum number of AV materials, included in the total number.
* Some materials (latest issues of newspapers and magazines, reference materials, and some AV materials) cannot be borrowed.
★ For information about open days, etc., please check the website of Toyo University libraries.


4Seminar houses are available
   Seminar houses are welfare facilities open to students and teaching staff as venues for camps and training as part of seminar and circle activities, etc. Alumni can also use them according to availability.


5Toyo University News, homecoming day information, etc. are sent to alumni
   In principle, the address and telephone number of the guarantor as of the student’s graduation date is registered as the contact information of a graduate unless changes are made by the graduate (except Correspondence Courses students and international students). If any change to your address, family name, or workplace should occur, or if you know someone who has not received information from Toyo university, please contact us.
* Notification of address change can be made via telephone, facsimile, email or the university website for alumni. Please refer to the contact information below.

Total number of alumni:  296,109
Number of alumni whose addresses are known: 176,868
*As of February 28, 2017
*Including those who graduated from the university under the old system, and the junior college


Handling of personal information at Toyo University
   Toyo University makes efforts toward the appropriate management and protection of your personal information under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and utilizes such information for the purposes describe below:
Utilization purposes
(1) To manage and use information of alumni, etc. in the course of business within the university
(2) To provide information from the university
* For details about the handling of personal information, please refer to this page.


For inquiries (Contact information)

Section for Collaboration with Alumni and Parents’ Association,
Office for Collaboration with Stakeholders,
Toyo University
Weekdays 9:30–16:45, Saturdays 9:30–12:45; closed on Sundays and public holidays
5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606
TEL: 03-3945-7390
FAX: 03-3945-7159
E-mail: sotsugyou@toyo.jp










※( )は視聴覚資料上限で内数となります。






    卒業生総数     296,109名(旧制、短期大学を含む)
    住所判明者数    176,868名


 利用目的: (1)卒業生等のデータ管理、その他学内での業務上の利用  



 東洋大学社会連携推進室 卒業生・甫水会連携推進課 (白山キャンパス8号館1階)
   平日9時30分-16時45分 土曜9時30分-12時45分 日祝休
   〒112-8606 東京都文京区白山5-28-20
   TEL 03-3945-7390         
         FAX 03-3945-7159
   E-mail sotsugyou@toyo.jp