Journal of International Philosophy, No. 5

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Index [PDFファイル/92KB]

Foreword: Set Out For a Ressurection! [PDFファイル/231KB] MURAKAMI Katsuzo

General International Symposium Toward a world philosophy for the 22nd century

Interkulturelle Philosophie als Herausforderung für die [PDFファイル/291KB] Georg STENGER

1st Unit: Basic Research to Rebuild Japanese Philosophy

 Characteristics of Chinese Scholars’ Views of Humanity in the Edo Period-A Comparison with China

 水戶学与陽明学 [PDFファイル/641KB] 錢明

Collaborative Research between Dongguk University (South Korea) and Toyo University (Japan),
First Research Conference

 동국 대학교 불교 대학 ( 한국 ) 과 동양 대학 국제 철학 연구 [PDFファイル/205KB] 사토 아쓰시(佐藤 厚)

2nd Unit: Research on Methodologies of World Philosophy Common to Eastern and Western Philosophy and Religion

Methodologies Study Group Session

 Rapport de la réunion d’étude méthodologique « La possibilité de « la logique de l’espèce » » [PDFファイル/151KB] KURODA Akinobu

3rd Unit: Research on Basis of Thought for the Society of Multicultural Harmonious Co-existence

 Globale Philosophie? [PDFファイル/227KB] Markus GABRIEL
 Globale Macht, globale Welt, globale Philosophie [PDFファイル/208KB] Hans SLUGA


 Émile Guimet, le Japon (1876) et l’Histoire des religions. [PDFファイル/662KB] Frédéric GIRARD
 The Rediscovery of Chinese Thought as “Philosophy” [PDFファイル/420KB] SHIRAI Masato
 Living while dying: Reflections on death’s harm, finitude,meaning, and uncertainty [PDFファイル/289KB] Andrew OBERG
 John Dee’s Scrying Magic [PDFファイル/425KB] TAKEUCHI Dai
 On Construction of Natural Numbers in Genetic Phenomenology (2) The Origins of Naturalistic Learning [PDFファイル/227KB] MUTO Shinji
 The Constituent Principles of the World and Psychosomatic Theory in Indian Thought: With a Focus on Chapters 326 and 327 of the “Nārāyaṇīya-Parvan” [PDFファイル/686KB] MISAWA Yūji
 Der neue Realismus und Markus Gabriel Über die Frage, Warum es die Welt nicht gibt und die Existenz [PDFファイル/248KB] NAKASHIMA Arata

Center News [PDFファイル/3.86MB]

Bibliographic Information [PDFファイル/96KB]

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