Study Group Report (1st Unit)

Study Group Report(1st Unit)


  • 1st Study Group Session (July 28 2011) :
    Setsuo Miura "Historiography of Studies on Inoue Enryo"
  • 2nd Study Group Session (October 26 2011) :
    Rainer Schulzer "Inoue Enryo's Buddhist Philosophy within the paradigm of 'theory versus practice'"
  • 3rd Study Group Session (November 30 2011) :
    Masato Shirai "Enryo Inoue's Tetsugaku Issekiwa and Kitaro Nishida"
  • 4th Study Group Session (December 21 2011) :
    Kouhei Yoshida "Keiji Higashi and Enryo Inoue"
  • 5th Study Group Session (February 16 2012) :
    Makio Takemura "The Philosophical Thought of Inoue Enryo"
  • 6th Study Group Session (March 22 2012) :
    Satoshi Shoujiguchi "The Origins of the Theory of the Identity of Phenomena and Reality : Nishida Kitaro's Philosophy and Philosophy of Innate Knowledge (liangzhi 良知)"


  • 1st Study Group Session (June 27 2012):
    Yasushi Murayama, "Foreign philosophy professors at the University of Tokyo in the Meiji period"
  • 2nd Study Group Session (July 27 2012):
    Tsutomu Sagara, "Problem of 'Reality' at the first period of the philosophy in Japan"
  • 3rd Study Group Session (September 13 2012):
    Wu Zhen, "Dissemination of Chinese Moral Books in Modern Japan and its Influence"
  • 4th Study Group Session (October 31 2012):
    Shougo Iwai, "How to think 'Japan' : loyalty and filial piety in Inoue Enryo"
  • 5th Study Group Session (November 28 2012):
    Atsushi Sato, "Traditional Buddhism in Inoue Enryo"
  • 6th Study Group Session (December 7 2012):
    Katsuhito Inoue, "Philosophy society in the Meiji period"
  • 7th Study Group Session (December 13 2012):
    Wu Guanghui, "The Current State of Research on Modern Japanese Philosophy in China"
  • 8th Study Group Session (March 14 2013):
    Kunitsgu Kosaka, "Inoue Enryo's Sogan Theory and Spinozism"
  • Study Meeting (June 30 2012):
    Study Meeting in France of the International Association of Inoue Enryo Research
  • Workshop (July 11 2012):
    "Nishida Kitaro's Philosophy of Religion : from the standpoints of Christianity and Buddhism" (Gereon Kopf, Kunitsugu Kosaka, Samoa Ishii)
  • Web International Lecture (co-organized with the University of Strasbourg):
    "Chinese Studies and Western Studies in the modern Japan:around Nakae Chōmin" (Yoshida Kouhei)
  • Annual Conference (September 15 2012) :
    "Inaugural General Assembly and Symposium: The Internationality of Inoue Enryo"


  • 1st Study Group Session (June 12 2013):
    Ideno Naoki, "Tetsugakudo in Its Early Days"
  • 2nd Study Group Session (July 10 2013):
    Watabe Kiyoshi, "On the Philosophy of Miyake Setsurei"
  • 3rd Study Group Session (September 14 2013):
    John Malardl, "The Meiji Introduction of Philosophy to Japan as the Learning of a Foreign Language"
  • 4th Study Group Session (October 16 2013):
    Okada Masahiko, "Inoue Enryo and philosophical religion"
  • 5th Study Group Session (December 11 2013):
    Sueki Fumhiko, "Inoue Enryo and Japanese Philosophy"
  • 6th Study Group Session (December 18 2013):
    Sato Masayuki, "Inoue Enryo, the founder who established Chinese philosophy as an academic discipline"
  • 7th Study Group Session (January 15 2014): 
    Nishimura Ryo, "The History of the Development of Early Modern Anti-Christian Thought: From the End of the Ming Period to Inoue Enryō."
  • 8th Study Group Session (January 30 2014):
    Frédéric Girard. "Buddhism and Religious Studies in the Age of Émile Étienne Guimet"
  • Workshop : Panel Presentation about Inoue Enryo at the Annual Conference of the Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia(May 10-11 2013)
    "Inoue Enryo's Role during the Early Reception of Western Philosophy in East Asia"
  • Study Meeting in USA (May 24-26 2013):
    "Inoue Enryo and Intercultural Philosophy"
  • Annual Conference (September 16 2013) :
    "2nd Annual Meeting of the International Association for Inoue Enryo Research: Inoue Enryo and Modern Japan"