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  3. “Methodologies” Study Group Session: “The Possibilities of ‘The Logic of Species (種の論理)’”, 2nd Unit

“Methodologies” Study Group Session: “The Possibilities of ‘The Logic of Species (種の論理)’”, 2nd Unit

“Methodologies” Study Group Session: “The Possibilities of ‘The Logic of Species (種の論理)’”, 2nd Unit


The Methodologies Study Group on August 1, 2015, held a symposium on "The Possibilities of 'The Logic of Species'" at the Toyo University Hakusan Campus (Building 6, Room 6404).

The conference's focus originated with a reevaulation of "the logic of species (種の論理)," as developed by Tanabe Hajime. This rereading raised the question of whether the concept of species could be revived as a basic concept for a fundamental theory that would serve to build a new communal society. The two presenters focused respectively on reconstructing the logic of communal society and Tanabe himself as a practical case study.

The presenters were Strasbourg University Professor and IRCP visiting researcher KURODA Akinobu, whose talk was titled, "A Theoretical Analysis of the Concept of the Collective Individual: Clarifying the Set of Issues Contained in 'The Logic of Species,'", and Waseda University Lecturer TACHIBANA Fuhito, who spoke on "The Arts Commonwealth in 'The Age of Death': Tanabe's Social Ontology in the Translation and Interpretation of Poetry."

Following the presentations, Meiji University Professor GODA Masato as commenter gave his remarks on the papers and asked the presenters questions. The discussion that followed touched on a wide range of issues. These included the reasons why Tanabe has come to be neglected; the relationship between mathematical philosophy and schema that is behind Tanabe's own philosophy; and "the dialectic of absolute mediation (絶対媒介の弁証法)" that is inalienably related to the analogy of language and the logic of species.

Questions were then taken from the floor, resulting in further discussion. The conference was finally brought to a close at 5:30, well past its scheduled end. The meeting was a productive one, as it deepened the debates and lent further impetus to Tanabe studies, an area that is once again recieving attention. The event had also enabled a useful exchange of ideas and information on the topic.

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