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“Schelling Symposium”, 3rd Unit

“Schelling Symposium”, 3rd Unit

On August 1, 2015, the 3rd Unit of IRCP featured a Schelling Symposium at the Toyo University Hakusan Campus (Building 6, Room 6406). This was the second such symposium following “Philosophy and Religion: Based on Schelling’s Weltalter,” held February 22, 2014 (the results of which were published in Extra Issue 5 of the Journal of International Philosophy [2014]). Building on the previous symposium, this symposium clarified what Schelling's Weltalter (“Ages of the World”) proposes for today, by following the texts. There are three basic texts (drafts) to Weltalter. Okamura Yasuo discussed the first draft, Nagashima Takashi discussed the second draft, and Sugawara Jun discussed the third draft. These presenters discussed the subject based on each text. The presenters and titles of their presentations are listed below.

Nagashima (Ircp Researcher): “The possibilities of historical philosophy: the ‘past’ and the system”; Sugawara (Professor, Nihon University): “‘Ages of the World’ as a systematic view of the past: Understanding the third draft and its relation to the system of the ‘Ages of the World’”; Okamura (Professor, Yamaguchi University): “Stumble of Schelling’s philosophy”

This lively symposium featured passionate questions from the floor on the subject of understanding the texts.