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Journal of International Philosophy, No. 4

index [PDFファイル/1.38MB]
Foreword What Should We Do Last? [PDFファイル/156KB] MURAKAMI Katsuzo

1st Unit: Basic Research to Rebuild Japanese Philosophy

Collaborative Research between Dongguk University (South Korea) and Toyo University (Japan),
First Research Conference

다케무라 마키오 (竹村牧男) 근대 일본의 불교계와 이노우에 엔료(井上円了) [PDFファイル/2.53MB]
미우라 세쓰오(三浦節夫) 이노우에 엔료(井上円了)아 동아시아(1) ─이노우에 엔료의 조선순강(朝鮮巡講)─ [PDFファイル/2.71MB]
사토 아쓰시(佐藤 厚) 100 년전의 東洋大学 유학생 이종천(李鍾天) ─논문 「불교와 철학」과 이노우에 엔료(井上円了)의 사상─ [PDFファイル/2.96MB]

International Lecture

Ulrich SIEG The Ambiguity of the Good. German Professors in the “War of the Minds” [PDFファイル/935KB]

2nd Unit: Research on Methodologies of World Philosophy Common to Eastern and Western Philosophy and Religion

International Web Conference: “Reason and Experience”

Pierre-François MOREAU Raison et expérience. Sur la méthode de la philosophie spinozienne [PDFファイル/925KB] 
ONISHI Yoshitomo Deux questions à M. Pierre-François Moreau  [PDFファイル/155KB] 
WATANBE Hiroyuki Deux questions à M. Pierre-François Moreau  [PDFファイル/153KB] 
FUJII Chikayo Trois questions à M. Pierre-François Moreau [PDFファイル/156KB] 

3rd Unit: Research on Basis of Thought for the Society of Multicultural Harmonious Co-existence

Overseas Research: “Study Meeting on Multicultural Harmonious Co-existence in Innsbruck”

Luitgard SONI Narratives on World Tours and Detours. The Buddha Disguised and the Parable of the Man in the Well [PDFファイル/955KB] 
WATANABE Shogo  Compassion (Karuṇā) and Pity (Anukampā) in Mahāyāna Sūtras [PDFファイル/1.9MB]


 1st Unit

Frédéric GIRARD What is the meaning of studying the religious conceptions of Émile Guimet (1838-1918) ? [PDFファイル/2.23MB]
SHIRAI Masato A Forgiving God and a Judgemental God: The Question of Religion in the Later Nishida [PDFファイル/1.92MB]

 2nd Unit

Andrew OBERG Reconsidering euthanasia: For a right to be euthanized and for recognizing alternative end of life methods [PDFファイル/1.89MB]
MUTO Shinji On Constraction of Natural Numbers in Genetic Phenomenology (1) ─ A Phenomenological Method for Grounding Natural Numbers─ [PDFファイル/1.91MB] 

  3rd Unit

ETO Takumi Leonardo da Vinci and Flemish painting—On the Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci— [PDFファイル/3.06MB]
HORIUCHI Toshio Criticism of Heretics’ Views of Nirvāṇa in the 70th Paragraph of the Laṅkāvatārasūtra [PDFファイル/1.93MB]
HORIUCHI Toshio Brahmacarya, Paramārtha, and Kāma[PDFファイル/2.05MB]

Center News [PDFファイル/1.23MB]
Bibliographic Information [PDFファイル/713KB]

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