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Journal of International Philosophy, No. 3


International Web Meeting :“Dialogue concerning Philosophical Methods of Empiricist and Rationalist”

Édouard Mehl    Le problème de l’idéalité du monde extérieur [PDFファイル/217KB]

Helen Beebee    Hume on inductive scepticism [PDFファイル/218KB]

Ichinose Masaki   Beebee on Hume’s inductive scepticism [PDFファイル/133KB]

Murakami Katsuzo    Remarques sur la présentation de M. Mehl [PDFファイル/146KB]

Onishi Yoshitomo   Remarques sur les présentations de M. Mehl et Prof. Beebee [PDFファイル/130KB]

Special lecture

Arjia Rinpoche    Wisdom and Emptiness [PDFファイル/126KB]  

Towards Constructing a Philosophy of Coexistence: Investigating the Values of Ancient Eastern People through Languages

Goto Toshifumi    Hintergrund der indoarischen Einwanderung in Indien und die Menschengeschichte [PDFファイル/429KB]

Saito Akira    How Can Buddhist Thought Be Brought Back to Life?: Buddhist Scriptures, Terms, and Translation in Present-day Japan [PDFファイル/247KB]  

Study Meeting and Field Work for Multicultural Coexistence in Iran

Nagai Shin    Serial Event: Towards the Construction of a Philosophy of Coexistence: A Dialogue with Iran-Islam [PDFファイル/136KB]

Abdolrahim Gavahi    Cultural Coexistence: A Product of Cultural Understanding and Interaction [PDFファイル/184KB]

یياگان نيش                      ؟تسيچ یقرش هفسلف [PDFファイル/301KB]

وستوزيا وکيهيشوت و اديشين وراتيک


Inoue Katsuhito    Meiji-Era Academic Philosophy and Its Lineage ─Monism of the true form and organismic philosophy─  [PDFファイル/322KB]

Kosaka Kunitsugu    Metaphysics in the Meiji Period  [PDFファイル/364KB]

卞崇道、吴光輝    中国的日本思想史研究 [PDFファイル/419KB]

Shirai Masato    Religion in a Godless Age: The Question of Religion in the Later Nishida [PDFファイル/247KB]

Murakami Katsuzo    De la « meditatio » cartésienne ─ méthode de la métaphysique, ou la métaphysique sans méthodologie ─ [PDFファイル/301KB]

Seki Yoko (Yamamura Yoko)     A study of the ecological foundation of adaptive management: Kumagusu Minakata’s thought [PDFファイル/202KB]

Center News

Summary of Research Results Produced by the International Research Center for Philosophy, Toyo University, for the 2013 Academic Year [PDFファイル/290KB]

Katsuzo    Foreword: What Should We Do Now? [PDFファイル/41KB]

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