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1st Unit : 1st Study Group Session

"Tetsugakudo in Its Early Days"


発表の様子   On June 12th, 2013, the 1st Unit of the IRCP held the 1st Study Group Session of this year, inviting Ideno Naoki with the theme “Tetsugakudo in Its Early Days”. This report is based on the first volume of the guest register at Tetsugakukan Daigaku Kinendo (Tetsugakudo). The register contains the names of 1,274 individuals who visited Tetsugakudo between 1904 and 1910, and here Ideno reports on the dates of their visits, their addresses and occupations, and their connection with Tetsugakudo founder Dr. Inoue Enryo, as well as the names of famous figures who visited.

   The Shiseido building was completed in March 1904, and the opening ceremony was held on April 8. The use of a guest register began in July that year. At the time, Shiseido was the only building erected, and except for special ceremonies such as commemoration of the birth of Confucius, there were virtually no visitors to the site. Once Rokkendai and other facilities were built in 1909, people from the neighborhood began to visit. Judging from the identical family names appearing in the guest register, many of the visitors were families. Visitors from Niigata Prefecture, where Enryo was born, were siblings and other relatives, as well as children from Jodo Shinshu temples in the prefecture.

   Among visitors listed as students in the guest register were students from Keihoku Junior High School, who visited Tetsugakudo as part of an organized school activity and came in parties of over 100 at a time. The guest register records that a total of 400 students from this school visited. In contrast, only 64 students out of the 174 enrolled at Tetsugakukan University, later Toyo University, visited during the period in question. Other universities from which many visitors came included Tokyo Imperial University and Waseda University, with 65 and 20 students, respectively, visiting. Students from Buddhist schools such as Shinshu University, Buzan Junior High School and Sotoshu University also visited, but there were very few visitors from Keio University.This probably explains the reason why many of addresses in the guest register were in the Tokyo wards of Hongo, Koishikawa and Ushigome and the Toyotama and Kita-Toshima districts.

会場風景   Lastly, famous figures visiting Tetsugakudo are listed here in the order of their visits. Megata Itsuko, who acted as go-between at the marriage of Enryo and his wife and who lived next to Toyo University, is recorded as having visited three times. Other notables included Fushiminomiya Hiroyoshio and Kachonomiya Hirotadao, who visited because their personal assistant Kotaro Inoue was a graduate of Toyo University. Sakuma Kanae, who later became the 22nd president of Toyo University, is recorded as having visited when he was a student at Tokyo Imperial University’s Faculty of Letters.