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Journal of International Philosophy, No. 2

Murakami Katsuzo    "Foreword : What Should We Do Next ?" [PDFファイル/391KB]

International Symposium to Commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the Foundation of Toyo University:
“Philosophy Facing A Globalized World”

Jayandra Soni    "Philosophical Justification of Non-Violence in Jainism Jayandra Soni″ [PDFファイル/1.62MB]

Wu Zhen    "德川日本心學運動中的中國因素──兼談"儒學日本化″″ [PDFファイル/583KB]

Etienne Tassin    "La Condition humaine au temps de la globalisation″ [PDFファイル/435KB]

Kenneth Tanaka    "The Penetration of Buddhism in America: Its Reality and Significance" [PDFファイル/519KB]


International Web Meeting : “Intuition and Reflection as Method of Philosophy”

Yamaguchi Ichiro    "Zur Anschauung und Reflexion bei Nishida und Husserl" [PDFファイル/547KB]

Kuroda Akinobu    "L'intuition agissante et l'auto-éveil ─ Fondement des méthodes des sciences et méthode de la philosophie ─" [PDFファイル/419KB]

Jocelyn Benoist    "Quelques Réflexions sur La "surréflexion" [PDFファイル/404KB]

Okada Mitsuhiro   "Intuitive evidence and formal evidence in proof-formation"  [PDFファイル/528KB]

Georg Stenger    "Kommentar und Fragen" [PDFファイル/445KB]

Murakami Katsuzo    "Remarques sur l'exposé de M. Okada" [PDFファイル/512KB]


Workshop : “Nishida Kitaro’s Philosophy of Religion : from the standpoints of Christianity and Buddhism”

Gereon Kopf    "西田几多郎思想中的中国佛教" [PDFファイル/671KB]

Ishii Samoa    "Nishida's Philosophy and Christianity - Explication from the Concept of Love" [PDFファイル/576KB]

Kosaka Kunitsugu    "Nishida's Philosophy and Religious Philosophy" [PDFファイル/544KB]


Research Report : “Project on the Study of Harmonious Multicultural Coexistence in Bhutan”

Miyamoto Hisayoshi    "Project on the Study of Harmonious Multicultural Coexistence in Bhutan" [PDFファイル/397KB]

Gembo Dorji    "The Lho-Druk Tradition of Bhutan" [PDFファイル/519KB]

Gembo Dorji    "Spirituality & Happiness" [PDFファイル/513KB]



Shirai Masato    "The Fact of Self-Awareness and Its Development: The Question of Self-Awareness in the Later Nishida" [PDFファイル/477KB]

Itoh Takako     "Historization of Nature - Narrative of British Environmental Art" [PDFファイル/6.26MB]

Yauchi Yoshiaki    "Anselm's Ideas on “Coexistence”" [PDFファイル/445KB]

Ishida Yasushi    "Does the Placebo Effect Change Our Understanding of the Causal Relationship between Mind and Body ?" [PDFファイル/960KB]


Horiuchi Toshio    "An Annotated Translation of Sūtra Passages 62 & 63 in Chapter 2 of the Vyākhyāyukti:  “Speaking and Listening”" [PDFファイル/584KB]

Book Review

Tonaki Yotetsu    "Günther Anders en France" [PDFファイル/412KB]


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