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Toyo University is committed to supporting international students who wish to work in Japan and play an active role in the global arena

Toyo University supports international students who are seeking employment in Japan. Various programs are offered to help students improve their Japanese language skills and enhance their understanding of Japanese culture and the job-hunting situation in Japan.


International Student Support Programs


◇◇Programs sponsored by the International Affairs Office◇◇

(1) "Survey on international students regarding their wish for employment in Japan" (April/May)

Students who participate in the survey can register in various support programs. The registration procedure will be announced on the university website and by mail.

(2) "Business Japanese Proficiency Test" (June)

Online tests and comprehension tests over the telephone are conducted.  "Listening", "reading", and "speaking" in Japanese are tested to measure skills and capabilities. Through the results, students can grasp their level of skill in the Japanese language.

(3) "Business Japanese Training Program" (October/November)

Students will gain professional language skills in Japanese, which will help them do well in job interviews as well as in the work environment.


◇◇Programs sponsored by the Career Development and Placement Section◇◇


(4) "Job-Hunting Seminar for International Students" (October–December)

Just before the job-hunting period and soon after it has started, students receive guidance on how to prepare resumes and fill out entry sheets for submission to companies; how to do well in job interviews; what they should know about business manners. Job-hunting in Japan is very different from other countries, so it is important that students learn about the Japanese way of finding a job.


(5) "Employment-Related Information Emails" (throughout the year)

Information needed for job-searching activities and announcements on job-openings, specifically targeted to international students, are provided by e-mail.





STEP1 「留学生就職希望調査」


STEP2 「ビジネス日本語能力テスト」(6月)


STEP3 「留学生のためのビジネス日本語講座」(10月~11月予定)




STEP4 「留学生対象 就活セミナー」(10月~12月予定)


STEP5 「就職関連情報メールの配信」(随時)






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