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Shinji Fukukawa

Chairman Message

Shinji Fukukawa
Chairman, Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution

Toyo University was established by Dr. Enryo Inoue in 1887, with the aim of developing, through the teaching of philosophy, outstanding individuals who could work for social reform. In the 128 years that have passed since then, thanks to the continuous efforts of our predecessors and other concerned parties, the university has made steady progress.
Looking at the current situation at home and abroad, we find that the times are drastically changing. Although the Japanese economy is showing some signs of recovery thanks to the success of Abenomics, there are fears that its potential for growth will diminish due to the declining birthrate, aging population, worsening financial measures, and stagnation of enterprise power. In the international community, there has been an increasing number of destabilizing factors, and this has led to an increased risk of global governance failure. I believe that this is an era in which the wisdom of mankind is being tested.
How will Japan contribute to reshaping the global community?
Students at Toyo University were actively involved in recovery efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The spirit and practice of self-help and mutual assistance that they demonstrated have been highly acclaimed by the international community. I believe that Japanese society has an inherent social power, human power, and cultural power that are rooted in the country’s history and traditions. These are embodied in the Japanese attitude that holds that wisdom should be acquired humbly, goals should be pursued seriously, other people should be helped and their values respected, and the laws of nature should be duly esteemed. I refer to this as “Japanability.” I believe it is education that helps Japanese people regain and improve this “Japanability”.
To ensure that Japan becomes a country that is held in high esteem in the international community and continues to sustain its potential for growth, it is essential to contribute to the establishment of globalization and promote innovation in Japan. Judging from the fact that one of our international programs was selected to be part of the Top Global University project promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, I feel reassured that Toyo University has an opportunity to respond to such requirements.
Toyo University will continue to place great value on the philosophy and ideas of its founder, Enryo Inoue, as well as on the history, culture, and technology of Japan. In addition, it will keep striving to be recognized as one of the world’s best educational institutions. It will do this by complying with the Declaration for the Future made on the occasion of the university’s 125th anniversary and by cultivating generations of individuals who have their own philosophies and the ability to determine their own future.


December 7, 2015



学校法人 東洋大学 理事長  福川 伸次
Shinji Fukukawa









1955(昭和30)年 4月通商産業省入省
1990(平成2)年 6月株式会社神戸製鋼所代表取締役副社長
1994(平成6)年 6月株式会社神戸製鋼所代表取締役副会長
2003(平成15)年3月学校法人 東洋大学理事(現在に至る)
2012(平成24)年12月学校法人 東洋大学理事長就任(現在に至る)