2. Malaysia Tips ‘really want to go Malaysia!’

Malaysia Tips ‘really want to go Malaysia!’

Malaysia Tips ‘really want to go Malaysia!’

The 1st program of Malaysia Tips ‘really want to go Malaysia!’ was conducted on 2016/4/27 (Wednesday) in Lunch time from 12:25 to 12:45 (20 minutes) with the content of “Global Tips-Tips to learn foreign language and foreign culture”. 

The program was conducted under the project of “Global Tips” at Learning Forest with the mutual aid of Toyo University  Institute of Human Sciences and Hakusan Library of Toyo University.

There were 32 people participated in Malaysia Tips program. 2 Malaysian guest speakers (2nd year student of Regional Development Studies, Toyo University) were invited.

At the beginning of the session Professor Murata Yumie (Faculty of Regional Development Studies) introduced the geographical map, multi-ethnic groups, multi-language and different cultures of Malaysia.

In the second session, Professor Murata and 2 guest speakers explained about communication skill and restaurant conversation by acting performance to make them more clear and interesting.   
At the end of the session, Malaysian food, vegetables, fruits and famous places were explained along with some Malaysian language pronunciation practice with all participants. The program’s objective was to encourage studens and provide some tips to visit Malaysia.

2nd next program will be conducted about Brazil Tips ‘Get to know the country is on the opposite side of the world, Brazil’ on Friday 2016/5/20.

Content: Very first time introduction of South America! Olympic is starting soon in Brazil.
Let’s learn the differences between Japan and Brazil. Please join us………….. 


Interview to guest speakers


Conversation acting performance


Participants of Malaysia Tips program