NameJob Titles at UniversitySupervisorsSubject and outline
D.Sakthi KumarProfessorMaster's course/
Doctoral course
Bio-nano fusion/nanotechnology/
I am interested in the research work based on fusion of different science fields, namely physics, chemistry and biotechnology. I focus on research themes such as
(a) Bio-nano fusion ? nano drug delivery, aptamer (DNA and RNA based) sensors and bio/chemical sensors.
(b) Nanotechnology and materials science ? carbon nanotubes and nano particles, quantum dots for solar cell applications and plasma processing, thin films.
(c) Biotechnology ? bio materials - scaffolds for tissue engineering, surface modification of biomaterials and quantum dots for bio-imaging.
Tatsuro HanajiriProfessorMaster's course/
Doctoral course
Design and fabrication of nanoscale electron devices
I am currently studying the physics of nanoscale electron devices and am interested in its application to nanoelectronics. I have studied the electrical properties of thin SOI films and the structures of SOI MOSFETs with decanano scale gates. I proposed FI (fully inverted) SOI MOSFETs with ultra-thin SOI films and novel FD (fully depleted) SOI MOSFETs. I have demonstrated the advantages of MOSFETs fabricated on SOQ wafers over MOSFETs fabricated on SOI wafers in nanoscale electron devices.
(a) Clarification of the physics of ultra-thin SOI (silicon-on-insulator) films
(b) Design of novel structures for decanano scale MOSFETs
(c) Development of SOQ (silicon-on-quartz) MOSFETs
Toru MaekawaProfessorMaster's course/
Doctoral course
Self-organisation/self-assembly in nano/micro systems
I am very much interested in pattern formations, synchronisation and chaos created via self-organisation/self-assembly, which are induced in nano/micro systems. Fluctuations, surface effects and quantum effects, in particular, become significant on nanometre scales, which makes nano systems completely different from our macroscopic world. Some of my recent studies are listed below;
(a) Development of nano-thermo statistical mechanics
(b) Creation of carbon nanostructures utilising critical fluids
(c) Development of nano/micro robots
(d) Development of nano/micro devices for medical and environmental applications
Hisao MorimotoProfessorMaster's course/
Doctoral course
Self-organisation/nonlinear dynamics of nano/micro materials
I am interested in self-organisations, phase transitions, and non-linear dynamics of nano/micro materials disperse systems such as suspensions, in which nano/micro particles, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes or biological cells are dispersed. I am also interested in  bio-nano fusion technologies utilising the above phenomena induced in nano/micro materials disperse systems. Some of my recent studies are listed below;
(a) Creation of nano/micro structures utilising self-organizations of nano/micro materials
(b) Development of nano/micro machines composed of nano/micro materials for biological and medical applications
(c) Interactions between nano/micro materials and biomolecules such as DNA and enzymes
Takashi UchidaResearch Associate ProfessorMaster's course/
Doctoral course
Growth and application of carbon-based nanostructures
I am interested in the research work related to carbon-based nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes, carbon nanowalls and endohedral fullerenes. I focus on research themes such as
(a) Equipment development - chemical vapor deposition systems, electron cyclotron resonance ion source
(b) Growth - carbon nanotubes, carbon nanowalls, endohedral fullerenes, growth mechanism and control
(c) Application - drug delivery, MRI contrast agent, electrode for battery
Yoshikata NakajimaResearch Associate ProfessorMaster's course/
Doctoral course
Nanotechnology/Nanomaterials/Bio-nano fusion
I am interested in advanced materials for future electron devices such as silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers, silicon-on-quartz (SOQ and silicon nano dots, and micro-particles and biological cells dispersed in solution. My study also focuses on the design and fabrication of high-resolution bio-nano analytical systems by utilizing the advanced materials.
Toru MizukiResearch Associate ProfessorMaster's course/
Doctoral course
Bio-nano fusion/Biotechnology
I am interested in the interactions between biomolecules such as protein, peptide and DNA and nano/micro materials such as CNTs, fullerenes and magnetic materials. I am currently focusing on bio-nano fusion research such as analysis of the function of proteins immobilized on nano/micro materials and acceleration of the enzyme activity using a rotational magnetic field.

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