FY2015 Financial Data

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Financial Highlights

Toyo University formulates its budget based on sound financial management for sustainable development, through reviewing current expenditures, promoting active use thereof and enhancing the proportion of education and research expenditures.

FY 2015 Balance Sheet Review

[Status of Assets]

Total assets as of the end of FY 2015 increased by 5,705 million yen from the previous year-end to 219,580 million yen. Fixed assets totaled 191,474 million yen, including tangible fixed assets of 143,517 million yen—a decrease of 63 million yen due to the retirement of former buildings and facilities and equipment for the ongoing construction of new faculty buildings on the Hakusan and Akabanedai Campuses and Building 1 (North Wing) of Toyo University Ushiku Senior High School. With regard to specific assets, while 2,400 million yen was utilized for the redevelopment of the Akabanedai Campus, 4,000 million yen of specific assets for preparations for opening new faculties, 1,500 million yen of specific assets for depreciation and 110 million yen of specific assets for the 50th anniversary commemoration project of Ushiku Senior High School were integrated. As a result, the total amount of specific assets increased by 3,320 million yen to 47,480 million yen. Current assets increased to 28,107 million yen due to an increase of 2,780 million yen in cash and deposits.

[Status of Liabilities]

Total liabilities decreased by 243 million yen from the previous year-end to 18,603 million yen. Fixed liabilities totaled 8,716 million yen with an increase of 23 million yen in the reserve for retirement allowances. Current liabilities decreased by 265 million yen to 9,887 million yen, including accounts payable of 885 million yen (a decrease of 385 million yen) and advances received of 8,243 million yen (an increase of 73 million yen).

[Status of Capital Funds]

The total amount of capital funds increased by 4,880 million yen to 236,557 million yen. Endowment No. 1 increased by 3,280 million yen to 209,456 million yen, with an integration relating to the construction of new buildings on the Akabanedai Campus and at Ushiku Senior High School and a transfer of 2,400 million yen from Endowment No. 2. Endowment No. 2 increased by 1,600 million yen to 13,600 million yen, with the transfer of 2,400 million yen to Endowment No. 1 and an integration of 4,000 million yen for preparations for opening new faculties.

[Status of Assets/Liabilities Balance]

With total assets of 219,580 million yen and total liabilities of 18,603 million yen, net assets increased by 5,947 million yen to 200,977 million yen. Capital Funds amounted to 236,557 million yen. Therefore, the balance to be carried over to next year became −35,579 million yen.
Total accumulated depreciation as of the end of FY 2015 was 65,513 million yen. The amount of non-integrated endowments was 1,250,000 yen.

FY2015 Cash Flow Statement Review

[Status of Revenues]

The total amount of business revenues for FY 2015 was 40,532 million yen. As to income from educational activities, student tuition and fees increased by 1,010 million yen from the previous year to 32,274 million yen; income from processing fees was 2,286 million yen, an increase of 98 million yen from the previous year due to the increased number of applicants; revenues from donations for items other than facilities and equipment decreased by 37 million yen to 120 million yen; income from subsidies increased by 169 million yen to 3,705 million yen.
As to revenues from non-educational activities, interest and dividends increased by 1 million yen from the previous year to 415 million yen. As to extraordinary revenues, gains from the sales of assets decreased by 352 million yen from the previous year to 271 million yen; other extraordinary revenues including donations for facilities and equipment, in-kind donations and subsidies decreased by 54 million yen to 230 million yen.

[Status of Expenditures]

The total amount of business expenditures for FY 2015 was 34,584 million yen. As to expenditures from educational activities, expenditure for personnel expenses was 19,524 million yen, an increase of 466 million yen from the previous year due to the increased number of permanent faculty and staff members; education and research expenditure increased by 52 million yen to 12,992 million yen; maintenance expenses increased by 77 million yen to 1,605 million yen. Depreciation accounted for 4,695 million yen.

[Status of Revenues/Expenditures Balance]

The ordinary balance, which is the aggregate of the revenues/expenditures balance from educational activities and the revenues/expenditures balance from non-educational activities, increased by 628 million yen from the previous year to 5,878 million yen. The net balance before transfer to capital funds (including the extraordinary balance and formerly referred to as “attributable balance”) increased by 1,412 million yen to 5,947 million yen. The net balance after transfer to capital funds was 817 million yen. The balance to be carried over to next year became -35,579 million yen (excess expenditure).

Cash Flow Statement

This is a list of incomes and expenditures of cash deposits in the business year, and a breakdown of the increases/decreases of cash deposits.


(Unit: 1 million yen)

Student Tuition and Fees31,28731,42630,99231,26432,274
Processing Fees2,1212,3272,0662,1882,286
Income from Sales of Assets57721,8002,800406
Income from Business Activities288282381466505
Interests and Dividends367363396414415
Miscellaneous Income937872799769735
Debt Payable00000
Advances Received7,2527,5607,7848,1708,243
Other Income7,8245,02713,93927,9954,505
Adjustment Account for Fund Earnings△8,442△8,363△8,684△8,785△8,978
Balance of Fund Payments Carried Forward from Previous Year26,18527,28028,00521,72023,773
Total Income74,09571,36781,81690,90568,149


(Unit: 1 million yen)

Education and Research7,1297,7527,6568,5038,388
Interest on Loans286300
Borrowing Repayment51311310200
Asset Operations8,3766,28219,81025,4996,138
Other Expenses2,3152,4685,2672,0322,315
Adjustment Account for Fund Expenditure△1,494△3,629△1,559△1,603△1,210
Balance of Fund Payments to be Carried over to Next Year27,27928,00521,72023,77326,553
Total Expenses74,09571,36781,81690,90568,149

Cash Flow Statement by Type of Activity

This is a breakdown of revenues and expenditures of cash and deposits in respective activities.

(Unit: 1 million yen)

 FY 2011FY 2012FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
●Cash Flow from Educational Activities
Gains from Educational Activities13,40011,15610,2469,80110,578
●Cash Flow from Activities for Improving Facilities and Other Equipment
Balance△ 9,403△ 10,420△ 10,410△ 10,424△ 7,502
Adjustments△ 401,794△ 2,018272△ 459
Loss from Activities for Improving Facilities and  Other Equipment△ 9,443△ 8,626△ 12,428△ 10,152△ 7,962
Subtotal (Gains from Educational Activities + Loss from Activities for Improving Facilities and Other Equipment)3,9572,530△ 2,182△ 3512,617
●Cash Flow from Other Activities
Balance△ 2,863△ 1,804△ 4,1032,404161
Gains/Loss from Other Activities△ 2,863△ 1,804△ 4,1032,404163
Increase/Decrease of Fund Payments (Subtotal + Gains/Loss from Other Activities)1,094726△ 6,2852,0532,780
Balance of Fund Payments Carried Forward from Previous Year26,18527,27928,00521,72023,773
Balance of Fund Payments to be Carried Over to Next Year27,27928,00521,72023,77326,553

Statement of Revenues and Expenditures from Business Activities

This document, from which business conditions and financial conditions can be properly understood, is useful for judging “educational permanency.”

(Unit: 1 million yen)

ItemFY 2011FY 2012FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
●Revenues and Expenditures from Educational Activities
Student Tuition and Fees31,28731,42630,99231,26432,274
Processing Fees2,1212,3262,0662,1882,286
Income from Business Activities288282381466505
Miscellaneous Income937872799769744
Total Revenues from Educational Activities39,85938,80238,17338,36239,616
Education and Research11,20511,81312,11812,94012,992
Uncollectible Accounts00300
Total Expenditures from Educational Activities30,97432,09732,42433,52634,121
Balance from Educational Activities8,8856,7055,7494,8365,495

 (Unit: 1 million yen)

ItemFY 2011FY 2012FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
●Revenues and Expenditures from Non-educational Activities
Interest and Dividends367363396414415
Other Income00000
Total Revenues from Non-educational Activities367363396414415
Interest on Loans286300
Other Expenses000031
Total Expenditures from Non-educational Activities2863031
  Balance from Non-
  educational Activities
●Ordinary Balance9,2257,0626,1425,2505,878
●Extraordinary Revenues and Expenditures
Gains from Sales of Assets525372623271
Other Income1,432775448284230
Total Extraordinary Revenues1,957778520907501
Loss on Disposal of Assets2921456,1341,622430
Other Expenses00001
Total Extraordinary Expenses2921456,1341,622432
  Extraordinary Balance1,665633△ 5,614△ 71569
Net Balance before Transfer to Capital Funds10,8907,6955284,5355,947
Total Amount of Transfer to Capital Funds△ 11,972△ 10,672△ 6,796△ 5,610△ 5,130
Revenue/Expenditure Balance△ 1,082△ 2,976△ 6,268△ 1,075817
Excess Expenditure Carried Forward from the Previous Year△ 29,606△ 30,688△ 33,665△ 38,109△ 36,647
Reversal of Capital Funds001,8252,537250
Excess Expenditure Carried Forward to Next Year△ 30,688△ 33,665△ 38,108△ 36,647△ 35,579


Total Business Revenues42,18439,94439,09039,68340,532
Total Business Expenditures31,29432,24938,56235,14834,584

FY 2015 Balance Sheet Review

Strength of incorporated schools (financial conditions & safety) can be understood.

(Unit: 1 million yen)

Fixed Assets171,649180,539184,409188,357191,474
Current Assets29,00030,11924,39325,51928,107
Total Assets200,649210,658208,802213,876219,580
Fixed Liabilities9,0808,9078,7308,6938,716
Current Liabilities9,29811,7859,57710,1529,887
Total Liabilities18,37820,69218,30718,84518,603
Total Capital Funds212,959223,631228,603231,677236,557
Total Revenue and Expenditure Balance△30,688△33,665△38,108△36,646△ 35,579
Total Net Assets182,271189,966190,495195,030200,978
Total of Liabilities, Capital Funds and Revenue and Expenditure Balance200,649210,658208,802213,876219,580

Financial Index

Through the conversion of business performance and financial conditions into numerical values, “safety” and “growth potential” as an incorporated school can be read.

(Unit: %)

Inputted Income and Expenditure Balance Ratio [inputted income – expenditure/inputted income]25.8 19.3 1.4 11.4 14.7
Revenue and Expenditure Ratio [expenditures/revenue]103.6 110.2 119.4 103.2 97.7
Student Tuition and Fees Ratio [student tuition and fees/inputted income]77.8 80.2 80.4 80.6 80.6
Personnel Ratio [personnel expenses/inputted income]44.6 47.0 48.5 49.1 48.8
Education and Research Expenditure Ratio [education and research expenditure/inputted income]27.9 30.2 31.4 33.4 32.5
Maintenance Ratio [maintenance/inputted income]4.6 4.8 4.2 3.9 4.0
Liquidity Ratio [current assets/current liabilities]311.9 255.6 254.7 251.4 284.3
Debt Ratio [Total debt/own capital *1]10.1 10.9 9.6 9.7 9.3
Capital Adequacy Ratio [own capital/total capital *2]90.8 90.2 91.2 91.2 91.5
Capital Funds Ratio [capital funds/required transfer to capital funds]99.8 99.0 99.9 99.8 99.9
Educational Activity Funds Balance Ratio [educational activity funds balance/educational activity funds income]33.628.826.825.526.7

*1 Own Capital = capital funds + revenue and expenditure balance
*2 Total Capital = liabilities + capital funds + revenue and expenditure balance

Status of Donations

Donation typeFY2015
Scholarship donations30,240,000 yen41 cases
Educational & research cooperation funds49,583,000 yen425 cases
Educational & research cooperation funds (facilities)11,104,000 yen46 cases
Funds for Commemorative Events of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Toyo University Ushiku Senior High School110,259,000 yen56 cases
Other donations for facilities and equipments5,450,000 yen2 cases
Other special donations7,179,000 yen 7 cases
Other general donations5,950,000 yen 3 cases
In-kind donations51,693,000 yen1,343 cases
Total271,458,000 yen1,923 cases

Status of Subsidies

(Unit: 1,000 yen)

Subsidy typeSubsidy amount FY 2015
Subsidy for current expenditures to private institutions of higher education2,087,659
General subsidies1,674,106
Special subsidies413,553
High-quality education contributing to strengthening growth potential3,830
Support for systematic acceptance of working members of society25,515
Support for laying the foundation for universities and other educational institutions for
international exchanges
Support for advancement of functions of graduate schools, etc.213,370
Improvement of systems to reduce or exempt tuition and financial support systems for students90,440
Comprehensive support projects for reforms of private universities, etc.28,000
Subsidies for expenses for projects to improve/construct bases for globalization (Support for the creation of Top Global Universities)107,166
Subsidies for facility improvement/construction of private schools (general support for reforms of private universities, etc.)60,305
Subsidies for costs of facility improvement/construction intended to vitalize education and research at private universities, etc.54,762
Subsidies for projects to promote regional industry-university-government cooperative science technologies7,387
Subsidies for industry-university cooperative projects to nurture individuals in service management 5,661
Subsidies for research projects to promote support for children and child-rearing8,688
Subsidies from local governments, etc.1,432,353
Academic research promotion funds1,200
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