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[Publication] “The Peloponnesian War” by Professor Sumio Takabatake 【書籍紹介】髙畠純夫教授著『ペロポネソス戦争』を出版しました

The Peloponnesian War


[Table of Contents]
    Chapter 1 Agony of Archidamos
    Chapter 2 In case of Plataea
    Chapter 3 Outbreak of war by Athenai
    Chapter 4 Thoughts of Pericles
    Chapter 5 In case of Mytilene
    Chapter 6 In case of Kerkyra
    Chapter 7 Sicilian expedition
    Epilogue  The end of war

The Peloponnesian War was fought by various means in different parts of Greece (the world of Poleis) for 27 years. The war ruled the people of Greece at the time both implicitly and explicitly, and elicited various behaviors. A historian of that era, Thucydide recounts such behaviors and their outcomes in one of his books about the Peloponnesian War. In this book, Professor Takabatake dives deeply into Thucydide’s account of the war to reconstruct various episodes, based on which he deduces the mindset of the people involved and probes the circumstances of Poleis behind the war.
[About the Author] Sumio Takabatake

Sumio Takabatake, born in 1954, is a professor in the Faculty of Letters at Toyo University. He attended the University of Tokyo and completed a doctoral program without receiving a formal doctoral degree. Before he assumed his current position in 2002, he had served as an associate professor at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University and as an associate professor for the Faculty of Letters at Toyo University. He currently teaches ancient Greek history. His publications include “The Speeches of Antiphon and Andocides” (Translation and annotations, 2002, University Press of Kyoto), “Antiphon and His Era” (2011, Tokai University Press) and “Thinkers of Ancient Greece” (2014, Yamakawa Shuppansha Ltd.).

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    第一章 アルキダモスの苦悩
    第二章 プラタイアの場合
    第三章 アテナイ開戦
    第四章 ペリクレスの思い
    第五章 ミュティレネの場合
    第六章 ケルキュラの場合
    第七章 シケリア遠征
    終章   結末

【著者履歴】 髙畠純夫(たかばたけ・すみお)