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Publication Announcement: Professor Shunichi Kigawa Publishes Organizational Decision-Making through Information Networks 【書籍紹介】城川俊一教授著『情報ネットワークによる組織の意思決定』を出版しました

Organizational Decision
-Making through Information Networks


<Table of Contents>

Section 1: Information Networks and Organizations

Chapter 1: Information Networks and Communication
Chapter 2: Organizational Interaction and Information
Chapter 3: Virtual Organizations and Inter-Company Information Networks

Section 2: Problem Solving and Consensus Building Through Information Networks

Chapter 4: Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving Model and Information Processing Model
Chapter 5: Consensus Building in Information Networks
Chapter 6: Knowledge Management and Architecture of Organizations for the Advancement of Group Decision-Making in Innovation

Section 3: Information Networks and Group Decision-Making

Chapter 7: Collaboration by Group Decision Support Systems
Chapter 8: Group Decision-Making in Electronic Meeting Systems
Chapter 9:  Conflict Resolution in Group Decision-Making by Computer Supported Collaborative Work
Chapter 10: Discussion Ethics and Public Nature in Group Decision-Making
Chapter 11: Considering Social Constructivism in Group Decision-Making

In the corporate environment, the virtualization of industries is increasingly a matter of course; moreover, the methods of working are dramatically changing, and organization is on a per-project basis. New products are quickly and efficiently developed by considering openly innovative management strategies from the outside, and the importance of group decision-making using information networks continues to increase.

This book addresses the state of research on organizational decision-making through information networks and its challenges. It is organized into three sections: 1) Information Networks and Organizations 2) Problem Solving and Consensus Building through Information Networks 3) Information Networks and Group Decision-Making
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Shunichi Kigawa

Professor in the Faculty of Economics at Toyo University. PhD in Economics. Researcher at Fuyo Data Processing & Systems Development Center, 1972. Assistant in the Industrial Engineering Department at Hosei University, 1974. Associate Professor in the Faculty of Economics at Kanto Gakuen University, 1986. Present position from 1992.

The following are his major works: The Economics of Information Environments (Nippyo Publishing, 1996), The Social-Ecomonic Systems as a Complex System-Information Theory and System Theory Purspectives- (Gakujutsu Tosho Publishing, 1998), The Social- Economic Systems and Their Reform-Issues of 21st Century Japan- (NTT Publishing, 2003).



第Ⅰ部 情報ネットワークと組織
第1章 情報ネットワークとコミュニケーション
第2章 組織の相互作用と情報
第3章 仮想的組織と企業間情報ネットワーク

第Ⅱ部 情報ネットワークによる問題解決と合意形成
第4章 協調分散問題解決モデルと情報処理モデル
第5章 情報ネットワークにおける合意形成
第6章 イノベーションにおける集団意思決定を促進するためのナレッジマネジメントと組織におけるアーキテクチャ

第Ⅲ部 情報ネットワークと集団意思決定
第7章 集団意思決定支援システムによるコラボレーション
第8章 電子会議システムにおける集団意思決定
第9章 コンピュータ支援協調作業による集団意思決定におけるコンフリクト解決
第10章 集団意思決定における討議倫理学と公共性
第11章 集団意思決定の社会的構成主義による考察




城川 俊一きがわ しゅんいち

東洋大学経済学部 教授.博士(経済学).1972年 芙蓉情報センタリサーチャー,1974年 法政大学工学部経営工学科 助手,1986年 関東学園大学経済学部 助教授を経て,1992年より現職.