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Publication Announcement: Professor Satoru Matsubara has released Research in E-Book Accessibility 【書籍紹介】松原聡教授著『電子書籍アクセシビリティの研究』を出版しました

Research in E-Book Accessibility
From Addressing the Visually Impaired to a Universal Design

電子書籍アクセシビリティの研究 表紙画像

<Table of Contents>

Chapter 1: The Visually Impaired and E-Book Accessibility

Chapter 2: Reading for the Visually Impaired and E-Books

Chapter 3: The Arrival of E-Books and Latest Developments

Chapter 4: The Visually Impaired and Reading From the Copyrights Perspective

Chapter 5: Library Services for the Disabled and E-Books

Chapter 6: Initiatives for a Co-op Self-scanning E-Book Library

Chapter 7: Internet Accessibility and E-Books

Chapter 8: The Current State and Future of Audio E-Books

Chapter 9: The Spread of Accessible E-Books—Problems and Prospects

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The diffusion of e-books is remarkable. However, limited research has focused on accessibility functions, such as reading aloud and text magnification. The Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities became effective in April 2016. This law enables the disabled to seek the elimination of societal barriers. Paper books are a societal barrier for the visually impaired and others. An important method of eliminating that barrier is digitizing books.

This is the first book in the country to comprehensively research the accessibility of e-books. This book considers the needs of the “visually impaired,” aged individuals who have trouble reading paper books due to far-sighted, and reading aloud for train commuters; moreover, this book will provide an accurate account regarding the current state of e-book accessibility and its future prospects.

Satoru Matsubara, Editor

Vice President of and Professor at Toyo University. PhD in Economics. Special Chairman of Accessibility for the Association for E-publishing Business Solution

電子書籍アクセシビリティの研究 視覚障害者等への対応からユニバーサルデザインへ

電子書籍アクセシビリティの研究 表紙画像【目  次】

1章 視覚障害者等と電子書籍のアクセシビリティ

2章 視覚障害者等の読書と電子書籍

3章 電子書籍の登場と新展開

4章 著作権からみる視覚障害者等と読書

5章 図書館の障害者サービスと電子書籍

6章 共同自炊型電子図書館の取り組み

7章 ウェブアクセシビリティと電子書籍

8章 電子書籍音声読み上げの現状と展望

9章 アクセシブルな電子書籍普及への課題と展望





【編著者】 松原 聡 ( まつばら さとる )

東洋大学副学長・教授。博士(経済学)。一般社団法人電子出版制作・流通協議会 アクセシビリティ特別委員長。