Department of Business Administration


山本 聡


東洋大学 経営学部経営学科教授。博士(経済学)。専門分野は、中小企業経営論、アントレプレナーシップ研究、国際的アントレプレナーシップ研究。機械振興協会経済研究所で研究員として活動後、東京経済大学准教授を経て、現職。学術論文や書籍の執筆だけでなく、政府・自治体の中小企業政策に関する有識者委員や企業経営者や技術者向けの産業・企業動向に関する講演やレポート寄稿を数多く行う。論文に「中小製造企業におけるドイツ企業との強靭な取引関係の構築と顧客連結能力」(中小企業学会論集36)、「牡蠣養殖業におけるスタートアップ企業の海外市場参入と文化的障壁の克服:エフェクチュアル・ロジックによるケース研究」(企業家研究(14))など。

Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo University. Ph.D. (Economics). His specialties are SME management theory, entrepreneurship research, and international entrepreneurship research. After working as a researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Economics Economic Research Institute, after working as an associate professor at Tokyo Keizai University, he is in his current position. In addition to writing academic treatises and books, he also contributes many lectures and reports on industry and corporate trends for experts on SME policy of governments and local governments, business owners and engineers. In his dissertation, "Building strong business relationships with German companies and the ability to connect customers in SMEs" (SME Society 36), "Starters entering overseas markets and overcoming cultural barriers in the oyster farming industry: Effective"・ Case study by logic ”(entrepreneur study (14)), etc.