Enhancement of human security through improvement of living environment in developing countries

 Topic: SDGs

Research Objectives

1Carry out experimental SDGs studies: Research projects in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America; international cooperation projects with JICA, etc.
Publish research results: Holding international symposiums, book publications, thesis presentations, newsletter issue, etc.
Cultivate young researchers: Produce doctoral degree recipients etc.


Research Content

The Toyo University Center for Sustainable Development Studies (“Center”) has until now compiled methodologies for the realization of SDGs from field research and practical experience. In order to pass on this knowledge to the field, the Center will integrate international contribution and research, and carry out research that incorporates cooperation with industry, government, and academia.

In research, teams made of specialists from different fields will work on improving the living environment in developing countries in Asia, Africa, Central, and South America, and the Pacific. Through this research, we will achieve many SDGs in areas such as infrastructure construction, economy, society, and management, and aim for the actualization of human security.  

Research Organization

At the Center, for research implementation, we have a research unit with Director of the Center and Project Leader (Vice President Kitawaki) at its head, and comprised of Toyo University researchers (full-time faculty members), visiting researchers working in cooperation with them, as well as research assistants who are Toyo University graduate students (doctoral program).

We are also using Toyo University overseas offices as overseas research bases, and we are also creating a new overseas base in Africa. To evaluate the Center’s activities and to give advice, we have also established an evaluation committee comprised of external experts, as well as creating a secretariat to support research activities and to contribute research findings to society.


COVID-19 Initiatives at the Center

At the Center, we are working with a project focus on living environment improvement in developing nations, which are globally seen as being fragile in terms of health and economic sustainability. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are fully occupied with the task in front of us. However, it is after the pandemic when course correction and steady implementation of SDGs will be necessary. Going forward, we will actively research Post-Corona SDGs.