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The Japanese society has been developing steadily since the Meiji Restoration that took place at the end of the 19th century. Japanese culture and customs are evidently distinct, and since the Restoration, a large body of knowledge about this cultural distinctness has been developed in Japanese academia. This growing body of knowledge includes valuable ideas, precedents, and experiences. The Japanese language, however, has remained inaccessible to academics from other parts of the world. Japanese Society and Culture, therefore, aims to disseminate the knowledge and research produced in and about Japan in the English language.  


Japanese Society and Culture (JSC) invites the submission of manuscripts focusing specifically on the Japanese society and culture. JSC’s coverage typically includes the Japanese society and its systems and the Japanese culture and its intricacies; JSC does not generally publish manuscripts that do not focus on the Japanese society and culture. Research or material that has been, or will be published elsewhere before it appears in JSC will not be considered for publication.

JSC is open to all contributors. Peer review may involve members of the Institute of Social Sciences, Toyo University; other scholars with different but relevant affiliations may also be consulted. If rejected, manuscripts may not be resubmitted to JSC.


   All manuscripts must include the author’s name and title and must be double-spaced with 42 lines per page. They must be written in Times New Roman with 10.5 as the font size. This format applies to the entire body of text, including quotations and footnotes.  Lead articles must not exceed 30,000 words, including footnotes, which should be complete and formatted as per The Chicago Manual of Style or The Bluebook guidelines.

  All manuscripts must be accompanied by a biography of the author (e.g.,undergraduate degree or higher and primary employment history). Please also include a sample list of the author’s previous publications and a short abstract of no more than 200 words along with 5 keywords..

  Submissions should be sent via e-mail to the following e-mail address: <gensoken@toyo.jp>. JSC currently uses Microsoft Word 2010/2007, and all submissions should be made in the MS Word format. Please do not send manuscripts in the PDF format.


Hiroshi SAITO (Faculty of Law), Editor-in-chief

Kentaro SHIBUSAWA (Faculty of Economics)

Ryohei MATSUMURA (Faculty of Business Administration)

Keiko SAKAKIBARA (Faculty of Sociology)

Yuan ZHOU (Faculty of Law)



  The Institute of Social Sciences was established in July, 2002 as an academic and comprehensive research institute for the social sciences, integrating the Centre for Research of Global Economy, the Research Institute of Business Management, the Institute of Social Relations and the Toyo University Institute of Comparative Law. The Institute is known to undertake comprehensive research projects aimed at solving diverse and complex societal issues. Research at the Institute is conducted in the following disciplines: Environment, Information, Law, Regional Management and Seeds. The research works are published in Social Science Annual Report, Working Paper Series and Project Papers; they are also presented at symposia and workshops. The Institute aims to utilise its knowledge to the maximum extent to research and address urgent social needs and contribute significantly to the policy making process. To this end, the Institute is committed to promoting collaborative research activities not only within the university but also with enterprises, other universities and government and research bodies.

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The 3rd volume of the JSC, which will be published on March 31, 2022, is open for submissions until September 30, 2021

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