Project 1: City Study Group Research Policy プロジェクト1:都市研究グループ研究方針

Project 1 is having for its object to make "formation of autonomous body welfare, a health plan and a welfare society in an area"、the theme and advance study focusing on concerning of the public administration, resident and service about formation of a welfare society in a big city and a local city.

Various structural variations are judged by Japan's entire society from a change in the rapid composition of population, a change in economic environment, reduction in family scale and a function and change in a living environment in recent years, and new social and living problems are surfaced. Lonely death, the isolation, the living collapse and the misusage which make the "obstacle of a mind, body and anxiety", "social exclusion and friction", "social isolation and loneliness", etc. backgrounds are surfaced and are pressed correspondence, for as a result of such economic fluctuation and social change according to the "Examination meeting report about the state of the social welfare to people who need social support the Ministry of Health and Welfare", released in 2000.

Investigations of those causes are needed to a new problem as well as it is necessary to reconsider the structure and the function of the economy, the politics and the social system built up to today, and we need grope of a correspondence policy based on that.

Working on the following problems aiming at approaching from various points of view, to such problem judged from the angle as the building of a welfare society in an urban area in Project 1.

1. The life in a local community and the welfare point are made clear.

2. A problem in interface with a welfare aid system is considered with a local community.

3. The current state of the present welfare and the living support system by a health service is considered.

4. Participation in area welfare by a resident is considered.


Ryoji Kobayashi (Leader: Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Toyo University)

In an inspection of a small regional network campaign in Akita-ken.



近年、急速な人口構造の変化、経済環境の変化、家族規模・機能の縮小、居住環境の変化などにより、日本の社会全体にさまざまな構造変動が見られ、新たな社会問題や生活問題が表面化しています。厚生省が平成12 年に発表した「社会的な援護を必要とする人々に対する社会福祉のあり方に関する検討会報告書」によると、このような経済変動、社会変動の結果、「心身の障害・不安」「社会的排除や摩擦」「社会的孤立や孤独」などを背景とする孤独死、孤立、生活崩壊、虐待などが表面化し、対応に迫られています。

  1. 地域社会における生活・福祉問題を明らかにする。
  2. 地域社会と福祉援助システムとのインターフェイスにおける問題を検討する。
  3. 現行の福祉・保健サービスによる生活支援システムの現状を検討する。
  4. 住民による地域福祉への参加を検討する。