Pre-Arrival Entrance Exam(渡日前入試)

An Internet environment is required to apply. Read to the Guide and link to the special application webpage from Toyo University's exam information website and complete the application registration procedure.

Guide for Pre-Arrival Entrance Exam(渡日前入試 入学試験要項)

Applications for this entrance exam must be submitted from outside of Japan. Actual taking of the exam will take place outside of Japan. If you intend to apply for this exam, please do so only after checking the following Entrance Exam Guide throughly. The Application Guide is not available in a pamphlet form. Application, checking of results, and the admission procedure can be started from this page only.

For Pre-Arrival Entrance Exam offered to international applicants overseas

For Pre-Arrival Administration Office Entrance Exam offered to International Baccalaureate Holders