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  6. 2018 Spring Toyo University Study Abroad Fair2018 Spring Toyo University Study Abroad Fair 2018年春学期「東洋大学留学フェア」を開催しました

2018 Spring Toyo University Study Abroad Fair 2018 Spring Toyo University Study Abroad Fair 2018年春学期「東洋大学留学フェア」を開催しました

On Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, the 2018 Toyo University Study Abroad Fair (spring semester) was held at the Center for Global Education and Exchange on Hakusan Campus. While previous fairs were held over a single day, this year’s fair added a second day to allow for more in-depth content.

For the Friday, April 27 session, we invited officials in charge of study abroad programs from the U.S., Australian and Canadian Embassies as well as Campus France (a service of the French Embassy to promote study in France) to the Center for Global Education and Exchange lounge. Students received individual consultations at booths, and a lecture was held as well. A great number of students attended lectures on each country, where they learned about the unique things each country has to offer as well as what they can do there. Also, the individual consultation booths were a great success. The long lines of eagerly waiting participants displayed the great interest that Toyo University students have towards studying abroad.

The Saturday, April 28 session was held at the cafeteria on the first floor basement of Building 8. Returnee students from abroad, overseas study support groups and the Center for Global Education and Exchange set up booths and answered to all kinds of questions from students who are considering studying abroad.  Also, we held a workshop on Career × Study Abroad, which is part of the Japanese government’s Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative. It was a valuable opportunity for the students to think about how to use their overseas study experience to their advantage in their future career. In addition, we provided recommendations for Asia overseas studies and a lecture in improving foreign language skills, bringing the fair to a successful close.

We received the following comments from some students who attended the fair:

“I’d only had a vague idea of what studying abroad entailed, but over these two days I was able to learn a great deal more about it.”
“The fair has made me think more seriously about studying abroad.”
“I learned about studying abroad from the returnees, who shared their experiences with me.  I gained a lot of useful information, and I’m really happy I was able to talk with them and receive a consultation.”
“In addition to learning about studying abroad, the fair made me think about how important it is to focus on your future and build a plan to get where you want to go.”
“I’m going to work hard to make my dreams become a reality.”
While each student got something different out of the fair, we believe that the information they learned through the event will serve them well as they move toward the next step in their lives.