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  6. Taiwan Delegation to Kanagawa Int'l Sci Forum visits Toyo Universityかながわ国際サイエンスフォーラム台湾代表が東洋大学を訪問

Taiwan Delegation to Kanagawa Int'l Sci Forum visits Toyo University かながわ国際サイエンスフォーラム台湾代表が東洋大学を訪問

On Monday, March 19, the Taiwan delegation to Kanagawa International Science Forum visited Toyo University. Prof. Kazuo Takahashi, Vice President of Toyo University and Director of the Center for Global Education and Exchange, delivered a welcome address for the delegation, and other staff introduced the university.


Following the introduction, Taiwanese students studying at Toyo talked with the delegation about their experiences at Toyo, their motivations for studying abroad,... the reasons why they chose Toyo, and differences between Japan and Taiwan. The Taiwanese high school students who were part of the delegation asked the Taiwanese Toyo students many questions about their lives in Japan. Also on the day of the event, Mr. Lin Shi Ying, Director of Education Department of Economic Culture and Tourism in Taipei, and Secretary Huang Sheng Ming visited Toyo and delivered their greetings.