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ISAS (2.0) Learning Badge Awarded to Toyo University 本学にISAS2.0 Learning Badgeが授与されました

On November 14, 2019, an ISAS (2.0) Learning Badge awarding ceremony took place as part of the International Association of Universities (IAU) 2019 International Conference held in Puebla, Mexico. Vice President Kazuo Takahashi attended the ceremony and received the ISAS (2.0) Assessing Strategy and Monitoring Achievements Learning Badge. Toyo University was commended for its internationalization initiatives before an audience of 240 people from about 60 universities or higher education institutions from around the world.

   This badge accredits recipient universities as having established realistic internationalization strategies, set concrete goals and targets, and been successfully coordinating various internationalization measures through appropriate progress management.


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本学を代表して高橋一男国際担当副学長が授与式に参加し、本学のISASに携わった専門家であるGiorgio Marinoni氏からISAS2.0ラーニングバッジ(the ISAS (2.0) Assessing Strategy and Monitoring Achievements Learning Badge)を受け取りました。約60か国の大学や高等教育機関からIAU国際総会に参加する240人以上の聴衆の前で、東洋大学の国際化の取り組みが称えられました。