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  5. Summer Program for students from Inha University, Koreaサマープログラム実施、仁荷大学校(韓国)の学生を受け入れました

Summer Program for students from Inha University, Korea サマープログラム実施、仁荷大学校(韓国)の学生を受け入れました

We offered a summer program for 27 students from Inha University and a student from Winona State University from July 1 to July 13th.

Three-leveled Japanese classes helped them develop their Japanese abilities effectively, and various experiences of Japanese cultures such as making replica foods, Shodo(Japanese calligraphy) and Sado(Japanese art of tea ceremony) further deepened their understanding of Japan.

Moreover, fieldtrips to Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree, planned and accompanied by two students of Toyo University, encouraged cultural interaction among students.

It was a great opportunity for students of Toyo to have a chance to take another good look at Japanese culture and its historic architectures, and also it could be a great impetus for them.

Toyo University positively offers this kind of programs focused on Japanese language, culture and society. For inquires or information, please contact to our international affairs office: mltsp@toyo.jp


7月1日(日)から7月13日(金)の期間、本学協定校の1つである仁荷大学校(韓国)の学生27名とWinona State Universityの学生1名の計28名を受け入れ、サマープログラムを実施しました。



本学では日本語プログラムや日本文化・社会に特化したプログラムなどを通して、日本そして東洋大学を深く知るきっかけとなるよう、海外からの短期受け入れを積極的に行なっています。ご要望がございましたら、東洋大学 国際部(mltsp@toyo.jp)までご連絡ください。