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Short Programs for Daegu University and Inha University [January 14-27, 2019] ショートプログラム(大邱大学・仁荷大学)の実施報告[2019年1月14日~27日]

Toyo University hosted short programs for Daegu University and Inha University from 14th to 27th January.

The programs were designed for students of both universities to learn Japanese language and Japanese culture. Participants had a intensive Japanese language program with Toyo's Japanese language teachers, and also experienced various activities that enabled them to enjoy Japanese culture, including Asakusa and Yanesen site visits, Kunitachi stay, calligraphy and tea ceremony, and so forth.

On the final day, a farewell party was held, and Japanese language teachers, IAO staff and TGS (Toyo Gemstone) members were also participated in. Participants watched a movie reflecting all the activities done during the programs, and received a certification of completion.

Toyo University is willing to organize a customized short program for partner universities. If you are interested in the program, please do not hesitate to contact us (mltsp@toyo.jp) .





最終日には合同のフェアウェル・パーティが開催され、両大学からの参加者に加え日本語教育を担当した教員、国際課職員及びTGS(Toyo Gemstone)のメンバーも参加しました。パーティーでは、プログラムの振り返りビデオを見た後、参加者一人ひとりに修了証が授与されました。