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  6. Rugby Football Team signs agreement with University of Queensland Rugby Football Clubラグビー部がオーストラリアクイーンズランド大学ラグビーフットボールクラブと協定を締結しました

Rugby Football Team signs agreement with University of Queensland Rugby Football Club ラグビー部がオーストラリアクイーンズランド大学ラグビーフットボールクラブと協定を締結しました

On October 16, 2019, Toyo University Rugby Football Team concluded an agreement with the University of Queensland Rugby Football Club in Australia, one of the leaders in rugby, with the aim of promoting student exchange through sports, as well as developing players. 

A signing ceremony of the agreement was held at the University of Queensland, with Yoshikazu Yoshida, Professor of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and President of Toyo University’s Rugby Football Team, and Michael Zaicek, President of the University of Queensland Rugby Football Club.     

The State of Queensland is a sister-city of Saitama Prefecture, where Toyo University Rugby Football Team has a practice field in Kawagoe City of the same Prefecture. When the University of Queensland came to Japan to cheer for the Australian team at the Rugby World Cup, the two universities played a friendly match, which led to the conclusion of the agreement.

Since the University of Queensland has a system to accept international students who wish to study there for a short time while focusing on rugby, our students can use this system to improve their rugby skills, and it is possible to develop players with an international perspective. In addition, promotion of exchange between coaching staff from the two universities is also planned.   

We are now planning to send our students to the University of Queensland to learn rugby from January to March 2020, and to hold a friendly match at our university in June 2020.
Please look forward to our Rugby Football Team’s future performance!

オーストラリアクイーンズランド大学ラグビーフットボールクラブと協定を締結したときの写真1 オーストラリアクイーンズランド大学ラグビーフットボールクラブと協定を締結したときの写真2


締結式はクイーンズランド大学で行われ、本学はラグビー部部長で理工学部吉田善一教授、クイーンズランド大学はマイケル・ツァイツェック ラグビークラブ部長が協定書にサインしました。




オーストラリアクイーンズランド大学ラグビーフットボールクラブと協定を締結したときの写真1 オーストラリアクイーンズランド大学ラグビーフットボールクラブと協定を締結したときの写真2