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  4. When Material in Library Cannot Be Found図書館で資料が見つからない場合

When Material in Library Cannot Be Found 図書館で資料が見つからない場合

  1. Reference service (reference question)
  2. Visit other university or institution
  3. Use other affiated university library
  4. Inter-Library Loans (ILL) (fee-based service)

1.Reference service (reference question)

If you are having trouble finding some materials you want to use or do not know how to do a library search, visit the service counter.

2.Visit other university or institution

If you cannot find the materials you are looking for in the Toyo University Library, you may be able to access it at another university or institution. In this case, Toyo University Library needs to contact them in advance and provide you with a letter of introduction so that you can go to the site and access the material. Please visit the service counter if you need to make use of this service.

3.Use other affiated university library

You may be eligible to access libraries at other institutions with whichi Toyo University has a partner agreement.
Borrowing rules differ at each university. Check the website of the specific university library you would like to visit for details.

[The Yamanote Line Private University Library Consortium]
Open to : Toyo University undergraduates, graduate students, full-time faculty and administrative staff, part-time faculty, correspondence course students, and non-degree students
Affiliated universities : Aoyama Gakuin University, Gakushuin University, Kokugakuin University, Hosei University, Meiji University, Meiji Gakuin University and Rikkyo University
[Buddhism Library Association Eastern Region Interlibrary Access]
Open to : Toyo University graduate students, full-time faculty and administrative staff, researchers and laboratory staff
Affiliated universities : Komazawa University, Shukutoku University, Taisho University, Tsurumi University, Minobusan University and Rissho University

4.Inter-Library Loans (ILL) (fee-based service)

◆ Copies (fee-based service)
Certain materials in the collections of other universities or institutions can be copied and ordered for pickup. Copy charges differ at each institution. You are responsible for these fees as well as shipping costs to and from the home institution.
◆ Loans (fee-based service)
Materials in the collections of other universities or institutions can be ordered for pickup at and used at the library for a set period of time(they cannot be taken out of the library). Note that you are responsible for shipping costs to and from the home institution and that copying the materials require a separate procedure.

When using for the first time for fee-based service, registration is needed at the reference counter.

  1. レファレンスサービス(参考質問)
  2. 他大学(機関)を訪問して利用する
  3. 協定校の図書館を利用する
  4. 文献複写・現物貸借(有料)







利用対象者: 学部生、大学院生、専任教職員、非常勤講師、通信教育部学生、科目等履修生
対 象 大 学: 青山学院大学、学習院大学、國學院大学、法政大学、明治大学、明治学院大学、立教大学
利用対象者: 大学院生、専任教職員、研究所研究員・所員
対 象 大 学: 駒澤大学、淑徳大学、大正大学、鶴見大学、身延山大学、立正大学


◆ 文献複写(有料)
◆ 現物貸借(有料)