【著作紹介】Edmund Burke as Historian: War, Order and Civilisation

著者:佐藤 空 (経済学部総合政策学科 講師)
出版社: Palgrave macmillan
出版年:2018年 1月発行 
価格:93,59 €
ISBN: 9783319644400

This book provides a comprehensive survey of Edmund Burke's historical thought, a neglected area of both Burke scholarship and historiography. Ranging from Burke's general conception of history to his accounts of English, European, American, Irish and Asian-Muslim history, this book offers much-needed depth and context to his political life. Sora Sato illuminates Burke's ideas on civilisation and world order with careful analysis of both his well-known historical concepts, such as the ancient constitution of England and the spirit of chivalry, as well as his lesser-known opinions on war and the military. Written with clarity and precision, this book is an invaluable reference for scholars of Burke, early modern European history and political philosophy.

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Table of contents


chapters2:English History: Conquest, Antiquity and National Spirit

chapters3:European History: Vigour, Enthusiasm and Principles

chapters4:The History of the Americas: The Spread and Transformation of ‘Europe’

chapters5:Irish History: Antiquity, Conquest and Incomplete Liberty

chapters6:The History of Asian-Muslim Nations: ‘The Garden of Eden’?

chapters7:Conclusion: Burke and History 

[著者] 佐藤 空(サトウ ソラ)

2009年09月 - 2013年08月, University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, (PhD in History)
2007年04月 - 2009年09月, 一橋大学大学院, 経済学研究科
2008年09月 - 2009年08月, University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, (MSc in Enlightenment Studies)
2007年10月 - 2008年09月, University of Essex, Department of History, (MA in History)
2003年04月 - 2007年03月, 一橋大学, 経済学部

PhD in History, University of Edinburgh



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