【著作紹介】The Informal Economy in Global Perspective: Varieties of Governance

The Informal Economy in Global Perspective

著者:箕曲 在弘(社会学部社会文化システム学科 准教授) 【共著】
出版社:Palgrave macmillan
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This book critically engages with how formal and informal mechanisms of governance are used across the world. Specifically, it analyzes how the governance mechanisms of formal institutions are questioned, challenged and renegotiated through informal institutions. Whilst there is an emerging body of scholarship focusing on informal practices, this is scattered across a number of disciplines. This edited collection, by contrast, fosters a dialogue on these issues, moving away from monodisciplinary and normative methodologies that view informal institutions and practices simply as temporary economic phenomena. In doing so, the authors provide a wider understanding of how governance is composed of both the formal and the informal, which complement each other but are also constantly in competition. This novel approach will appeal to social scientists, economists, policy-makers, practitioners, and anyone else willing to widen their understanding of how governance works.

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Introduction: Informal Economies as Varieties of Governance
【Chapter 1】 Why Read Informality in a Substantivist Manner? On the Embeddedness of the Soviet Second Economy
【Chapter 2】 Informal Economy: The Invisible Hand of Government
【Chapter 3】 Estimating the Size of the Croatian Shadow Economy: A Labour Approach
【Chapter 4】 Informal Employment and Earnings Determination in Ukraine
【Chapter 5】 Approaching Informality: Rear-Mirror Methodology and Ethnographic Inquiry
【Chapter 6】 Explaining the Informal Economy in Post-Communist Societies: A Study of the Asymmetry Between Formal and Informal Institutions in Romania
【Chapter 7】 Post-Socialist Informality Rural Style: Impressions from Bulgaria
【Chapter 8】 Exploring the Practice of Making Informal Payments in the Health Sector: Some Lessons from Greece
【Chapter 9】 Violent Pressure on Business and the Size of the Informal Economy: Evidence from Russian Regions
【Chapter 10】 Labor Informality in Mexico: An Indicator Analysis
【Chapter 11】 The Interplay Between Formal and Informal Firms and Its Implications on Jobs in Francophone Africa: Case Studies of Senegal and Benin
【Chapter 12】 Governing Informal Payments by Market in the Chinese Healthcare System
【Chapter 13】 Social Mechanisms of the Counterpublic Sphere: A Case of a Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative in LAO PDR
【Chapter 14】 Formalisation of Entrepreneurship in the Informal Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Role of Formal Institutions: An Analysis of Ghana’s Experience
【Chapter 15】 Evidence on Corruption in Public Procurements in Healthcare and the Implications for Policy

[共著者] 箕曲 在弘(ミノオ アリヒロ)


1977年 東京都生まれ。
2013年 早稲田大学大学院文学研究科修了。博士(文学)。
現在 東洋大学社会学部准教授。


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