University's Management of Status of Residence 大学による在留管理について

Notification of extension of period of stay and change of status of residence

The University regularly reports on the graduation, completion, withdrawal, dismissal, or absence of its international students to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the relevant Immigration Bureau. If you extend the period of your stay or change your status of residence, notify the relevant office in charge of education affairs by submitting the following documents. If you are withdrawn or dismissed from the University, please return to your home country as soon as possible.

Necessary documents

    1. Certificate of residence (with residence information; photocopies not accepted)
    2. Resident card or special permanent resident certificate (photocopies of both sides)


On students who are on leave of absence, withdrawn or dismissed

If students who are enrolled at Toyo University and have the “student” status of residence are on a leave of absence, withdrawn or dismissed from the University, they will lose their “student” status of residence. Therefore, they cannot remain in Japan or work part-time jobs in Japan. They must change their status of residence to an appropriate one or return home as soon as possible.

For details about leave of absence, withdrawal and dismissal from Toyo University, click here.


Notification of the accepting organization to be submitted by international students

If the name or location of the university or Japanese language school at which an international student who is a medium- to long-term resident is enrolled (hereinafter, “the school”) is changed, if the school is dissolved, if the student leaves the school (such as due to graduation), or if the student transfers to a new school (such as for admissions), the student must notify the local Immigration Bureau within 14 days.

In such a case, notify the Immigration Bureau by submitting a Notification of the Accepting Organization.

The notification form is available for download on the website of the Ministry of Justice.
Applicable form: Notification of the Accepting Organization available at (2)
活動機関から離脱する場合の届出 (Notification of Leaving the Accepting Organization), (3) 活動機関の移籍があった場合の届出(Notification of Transferring to a New Organization) or (4) 活動機関の離脱と移籍の届出 (Notification of Leaving the Accepting Organization and Transferring to a New Organization) on the webpage


本学に在籍する外国人留学生の卒業・修了・退学者・除籍者・所在不明者等について、文部科学省および入国管理局へ定期報告を行います。在留期間更新・在留資格変更があった場合は、下記必要書類を揃えて教務担当窓口へ届出をしてください。 退学、除籍となった場合には、速やかに帰国してください。


    1. 住民票(本書・在留情報が記載されたもの)
    2. 在留カードまたは特別永住者証明書(両面・コピー)