留学支援 LEAPプログラム

LEAP Into Your Future! / リープであなたの未来へ!

All great journeys begin with a single step. Your study abroad journey begins with LEAP. 
In the LEAP program, you will develop the skills you need to raise your IELTS score so you can study abroad at the university of your choice. Each LEAP course meets twice a week, enabling you to maximize your progress. At the end of each semester, you will have the chance to take the IELTS test at a reduced cost and qualify for study abroad. 
Success in the globalized world requires the kinds of skills and experiences you can gain through study abroad. Take LEAP and let us help you get started on this journey.



グローバルな世界で成功するためには特別なスキルが必要です。それは、高度な英語力、異文化理解力、そして国境を越えたネットワーク力です。これらのスキルは経験がものを言います。つまり、実際に海外に留学することで効果的に身につくスキルです。LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) は、留学への扉を開く東洋大学のプログラムです。LEAPプログラムで学ぶことで、英語能力テスト(IELTS)のスコアアップはもちろん、海外大学で成功するための必要なスキルを習得できます。LEAPで最初の一歩を踏み出せば、その先に計り知れない未来への可能性が開けて行くのです。


LEAP course contents/LEAPのコース内容

LEAP course contents/LEAPのコース内容

  • High level academic English skills: taking notes, writing essays, and participating in discussions
  • Deep explorations of Japanese issues that are relevant to the rest of the world
  • Insights into Japanese culture and society in English
  • IELTS準備、試験攻略法、アカデミックボキャブラリー(語彙力)強化
  • 海外の大学で学ぶために必要な英語スキル:ノートの取り方、エッセイ(小論文)の書き方、ディスカッションへの参加の仕方
  • 諸外国にも関連する日本の課題を掘り下げる

What is IELTS?/IELTSとは?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is higher education’s preeminent English proficiency test, accepted by more than 10,000 institutions worldwide, including virtually all of Toyo’s partner institutions. IELTS tests your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and awards you a band score of 1 to 9. More and more Toyo students who apply for study abroad are using IELTS to demonstrate their English abilities.

*IELTS(International English Language Testing System:アイエルツ)は、海外留学や研修のために英語力を証明するテストです。英語力証明のグローバルスタンダードテストとして世界中で受験者が増え続けています。(公益財団法人日本英語検定協会:https://www.eiken.or.jp/ielts/


Why take LEAP?/なぜLEAP?

  • Challenging and interesting classes
  • Meet students from all different faculties
  • Easy to fit LEAP classes into your schedule

  • やりがいのある面白いクラス
  • 英語力向上、留学に必要な英語スキルの強化
  • 他学部の学生と知り合うことができる

  • 学部の授業との両立が可能(正課授業のため卒業単位に認定されます)

Each semester LEAP offers IELTS for Study Abroad I (Listening/Speaking), IELTS for Study Abroad I (Reading/Writing), IELTS for Study Abroad II (Listening/Speaking), IELTS for Study Abroad II (Reading/Writing), Pre-Study Abroad (PSA) Listening/Speaking, and Pre-Study Abroad (PSA) Writing.

LEAPは学期毎に、レベル別の「IELTS I (Listening/Speaking)」、「IELTS I (Reading/Writing)」、「IELTS  II (Listening/Speaking)」、「IELTS II (Reading/Writing)」、「Pre-Study Abroad (PSA) Listening/Speaking」、「Pre-Study Abroad (PSA) Writing」6つのコースで構成されています。詳細は以下をご覧下さい。


「IELTS I (Listening/Speaking)」、「IELTS I (Reading/Writing)」

This is the foundation of your IELTS success.

For: Students who are newcomers to IELTS and want to improve their English proficiency and IELTS performance

Course contents: IELTS practice tests, task familiarity, improvement of core language competencies, and enhancement of English proficiency

Available courses: Reading/Writing; Listening/Speaking

Purpose: Learn about the IELTS and its components; raise English proficiency

Target score: 4.5

Click here for more information on IELTS I.

選択できるコース: Listening/Speaking(聞く/話す)とReading/Writing(読む/書く)
目的:IELTSを知り、テストの基礎的な対策を理解するとともに、基礎的な英語力を習得する。 IELTS4.5の取得を目指す。
※IELTS Iの詳しい情報は、ここをクリック

「IELTS II (Listening/Speaking)」、「IELTS Ⅱ (Reading/Writing)」

Build on the skills you developed in IELTS for Study Abroad I, and take your performance to the next level!
For: Students who have taken the IELTS, but not yet qualified for study abroad
Course contents: IELTS practice tests, skills development, IELTS structure, and focus on proficiency
Available courses: Reading/Writing; Listening/Speaking
Purpose: Attain qualifying score for study abroad
Target score: 5.0 – 6.0
Click here for more information on IELTS II.


対象:IELTS 4.5、TOEFL 470、TOEIC500点以上の学生、IELTS I修了者
目的:交換留学出願に必要なIELTS 5.0~6.0を取得し、長期留学できるレベルまで英語を向上させること
※IELTS IIの詳しい情報は、ここをクリック

Pre-Study Abroad (PSA)

For: Students who have been accepted for study abroad and those who have a high interest in study abroad
Course contents: High level writing and listening/speaking contents
Available courses: PSA – Writing; PSA – Listening/Speaking
Purpose: Prepare for the academic challenges of study abroad
Click here for more information on PSA.


対象:長期留学が決定している学生、留学に興味のある学生、IELTS 5.0、TOEFL 500、TOEIC 590点以上の学生、IELTS II修了者
選択できるコース:Pre-Study Abroad (PSA) Listening/SpeakingとPre-Study Abroad (PSA) Writing

How LEAP fits into your study abroad plan/ LEAPを活かして長期留学する主なパターン


Year 1 spring

Year 1 fall

Year 2 spring

Year 2 fall

Year 3 spring

Year 3 fall

Year 4 spring

Year 4 fall

Option 1

(L/S +R/W)

(L/S +R/W)


Study abroad

Study abroad

Job hunting

Job hunting

Job hunting Graduate

Option 2




Study abroad

Study abroad

Job hunting

Job hunting

Job hunting Graduate

Option 3



(L/S +R/W)

(L/S +R/W)


Study abroad

Study abroad

Job hunting Graduate

How to apply/申込方法

If you are a degree-seeking student at Toyo, you can take LEAP.
Spring semester: Look for the announcement on ToyoNet-G in January.
Fall semester: Look for the announcement on ToyoNet-G in July.
※You will be placed into IELTS I, IELTS II, or PSA based on your English proficiency score. If you have no score, you will be placed in IELTS I. 
※If you have a 5.0 or higher on the IELTS, you are eligible to join PSA courses.

New students beginning their studies in spring 2021 can apply to LEAP through this form.

Current students can check ToyoNet-ACE for more information.


春学期受講:1月頃にToyoNet-G の「お知らせ」を配信します。
※スコアにより、IELTS I、IELTS II、またはPSAにクラス分けされます。
※すでにIELTS 5.0以上のスコアを持っていれば、そのスコアを使ってPSA(留学準備コース)に入ることが出来ます。




If you have any questions about LEAP, please email us!
Email: mlleapoffice@toyo.jp