Program 3:Research





  1. 国内外の先端企業とのネットワークの形成
  2. 外部資金獲得戦略チームの形成と研究者支援体制の確立
  3. 大学発ベンチャーの起業・ファンドの設立、本学学生、卒業生の若い起業者の支援
  4. 論文発表数、産業からの研究費収入を考慮した研究予算の重点配分
  5. 戦略的な海外研究派遣と研究ネットワークの形成


To Enhance academic capabilities comparable to international standards through extensive studies on Japan, Asia, and the world

Perform comprehensive global research mainly in Asia, where the potential for growth is high and form intellectual pyramids that lead to advanced research capabilities.
Propose recommendations to form an international organization by promoting Japan’s soft power, such as research on economic policy, management systems, and language and culture.
Cultivate researchers who are capable of promoting innovation in society and providing strong management in support of civil society, as well as next-generation innovators such as entrepreneurs, politicians, and top leaders in industry–government–academia collaboration.


  1. Build up domestic and international networks of cutting-edge companies.
  2. Form a strategy team for the acquisition of external funding and establish a support system for researchers.
  3. Establish entrepreneurships and funds for university ventures and support young entrepreneurs among our current students and graduates.
  4. Prioritize the allocation of research budgets according to the number of published papers and the amount of research revenue from industry sources.
  5. Form research networks and send researchers for strategic overseas researches.