Program 4:Globalization



「TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS」構想(スーパーグローバル大学創成支援事業)を達成する。留学、インターンシップ、英語による授業の充実など、東洋大学独自のグローバル教育をカリキュラム内で体系化する。日本、アジアにおけるグローバル教育のリーダーとなる。教育研究両面の様々なインフラ整備を行い、研究の国際価値を向上させる。国際競争力ある大学へ進化し、世界ランキング上位を目指す。


  1. 官民を巻き込んだ留学生獲得強化と派遣強化戦略の策定と実行
  2. トップレベルの英語教育の充実
  3. 海外大学との共同開発授業の創出
  4. グローバル企業等との教育面での産学連携、企業-大学間の相互教育システムの構築
  5. 多様な人材を獲得するためのテニュアトラック制度の導入
  6. 海外からの客員研究員の積極的招致


To challenge highly-ranked, world-class universities through reforming our academic system and activity

Achieve the goal of TOYO Global Diamonds program approved by the creation of a super global university support system.
Integrate Toyo University’s unique vision into our curriculum through global education such as studying abroad, internships, and enriched classes held in English.
Become a leader in global education in Japan and Asia.
Develop a variety of infrastructures for both education and research to improve the international evaluation of our research.
Evolve into a university that can compete at the global scale and aim for international top rankings.


  1. Increase our recruitment of international students through reaching out to the public and private sectors and implement strategies to strengthen the dispatch of students.
  2. Enhance advanced English language education.
  3. Create jointly developed classes with overseas universities.
  4. Promote industry–academia collaboration for education in association with global corporations and construct a system for reciprocal education between corporations and the university.
  5. Introduce a tenure-tracking system to attract diverse talent.
  6. Proactively invite visiting researchers from overseas.