Program 2:Education





  1. 留学生との共同学習による課題解決型教育の開発
  2. ディベート中心型リーダー育成プログラムの開発
  3. 実践教育を目的とした企業人による教育参画を増加
  4. カリキュラムの外部評価の導入
  5. 学習成果(Learning Outcomes)指標の開発と授業シラバスへの明示
  6. 授業のICT活用支援を含めた授業改革支援体制の強化と高等教育センターの開設
  7. オープンエデュケーションによる多様で優れた教育の世界展開


To cultivate a wide range of cultural and professional competencies through philosophy as the basis of education, with the aim of achieving autonomous personalities

Define philosophical education as that which cultivates the ability to think, advances human values, and nurtures the fundamental, critical skills for adults to contribute to society.
Collaborate across disciplines, and contribute to the creation of new knowledge by establishing our own collaborative educational initiatives in concert with the public.
Provide comprehensive student guidance from admission through to graduation and employment, as well as a supportive environment for this, along with strengthening expedient educational abilities and accelerating the informatization of the educational environment.


  1. Develop education-problem-solving through joint initiatives with international students.
  2. Develop a debate-centered leader training program.
  3. Expand educational participation by business professionals seeking practical educational opportunities.
  4. Introduce external curriculum evaluations.
  5. Develop learning outcome indicators and clarity in class syllabi.
  6. Strengthen the class reform support system, including classroom ICT-use support, and establish a center for higher education.
  7. Expand the range and quality of educational courses through open education.