Toyo University LIFE Workshop Prospectus

Association of LiFE Research & Development

Association of LiFE Research & Development prospectus

1. Background

Petroleum and grain price rise in 2008, financial opaqueness after Riemann shock, global warming measure, the aged society advancing rapidly and such, the environment surrounding us is changing at a large scale. Our country scarce in resources meaning that we have to make the use of "intellectual resources" enough and solve various problems and continually work on the development. It is necessary to work on the cultivation of human resources.

Under these circumstances, the development of life sciences, which aims at revealing life phenomena at the genetic level, cell level and further individual level is something remarkable in recent years.

The canvas has risen of the expectation which can solve various problems we hold by using knowledge of a life science and technology, for example, the lost cell can be replaced using a human stem cell and it is called the regenerative medicine. The bioenergy technology which studies non-exhausted fuel for petroleum, and the technology which maintains safety of the closest food. In the field of food, safety and development of new functionality, etc. of cropper's production and appetite are a problem.
Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences was established in April, 2013 at Itakura campus, and it made the current two-Faculty-four-Department system.

 At Toyo University Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences, we hold the themes of "Life", "Food" and "Environment", in order to search for a life phenomenon of microorganism and  physio-chemically. We aim to understand the synthetic life. As well, in order to contribute to a solution of problems in a local community, we intend to apply the excellent functions of the creature, find the "wisdom" a microorganism acquired during the process of evolution by a way of a life science. We also aim at developing the new technology through a study about the life and the environment from the angle of food. Industry-government-academia collaboration is pursued, targeting the activation of a local community.

We would also like to contribute toward an activation of the local community, reinforcement and expansion of various research fields and business, however not targeting on domestic or international, while cooperating with local communities and government around Itakura campus.

”Association of LiFE Research & Development" was established for the purpose of the industrial‐academic‐government cooperation such in human resource cultivation, creation of the new industry and technology while researchers, engineers, farmers and enterprises conduct research development and interexchange with each other, working closely with the local community and utilizing the intellectual wealth of Toyo University.

2. Name

It is made as "Association of LiFE Research & Development".

 LiFE: "Life" "Food" "Environment"         

3. Prpose and the mission

 "Association of LiFE Research & Development" is supported with fortune government school cooperation about "life", "food" and "the environment" etc. which will expect professional field from now on in our country as a basis over broad of Toyo UniversityFaculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences to research and development.

 Even circulation as well as contribution and market-ization to the local industry world contribute to create the new industry which could come in sight by receiving the request of a workshop one and doing the excercise which is being developed clearly.

4. Activity in detail

 "Association of LiFE Research & Development" is to establish a subcommittee meeting while strengthening the cooperation with an area about new industry creation and new technology creation (safety and functionality of new breed rearing, the power from which a microorganism isn't learned about, environmental load reduction and an appetite), and does communication about a problem, research and development and activity support to public relations in detail.

5. Target of this meeting

 "Association of LiFE Research & Development" sets its sights to take the leading part in a fortune government school cooperation network about "life", "food" and "environment" in the Kitakantou area and does the following business support.

(1) new industry creation and new technology creation
(2) joint research and upbringing of human resources
(3) offer in a place by the area exchange and the communication

6. Member qualification

 A member of "Association of LiFE Research & Development" approves a gist of this workshop, and makes the researcher, the engineer and the farmer who have the interest in "Life", "Food" and "Environment" an enterprise.

7. Organization

A  full-time teacher of Toyo University Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences takes the charge in Chairman.
Administrative Offices Administrative Offices puts it in the Toyo University Itakura campus.
           Study subcommittee meeting about "Life"
Study subcommittee meeting about "Food"
Study subcommittee meeting about "Environment"
It is possible to organize the subcommittee meeting which does the consideration and the study into which I dug about a specific problem besides this accordingly.