Chairman Greeting

Chairman greeting

Chairman of woods  Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences was established in April 2013 at Itakura campus of Toyo University. Broad learning field from the basic applicability of the life to an appetite and health is covered by two Faculty system, in addition to former Faculty of Life Sciences. At Itakura campus, students can utilize the latest comfortable environment the blessed with nature, as well as a well-equipped experimental building. We aimi at cultivating the human resources who can contribute with an understanding of the synthetic life, health, safety of food, and the field they concern relievedly.
  At Itakura campus, professional fields of Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences; "Life", "Food" and "Environment" are set as a basis. The research supporting authority of institutions and administrations cooperate with enterprises and farmers of Gunma-ken and "Association of LiFE Research & Development" which has an objective of building the Industrial-Government-academic networks has been active.

Kiyoshi Hayashi
Association of LiFE Research & Development Chairman
(Toyo University Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences Dean)