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Ecology Point System - Efforts for Eco Campus

The 1st Ecology Campus Project: Starting Toyo University Ecology Point Institutional!
-CO2 emission reduction social experiment, environmental study support and foundation of a support system of volunteer activities by ecology point-

 This system founds an ecology point system on campus for an individual of student where Toyo University is a constituent and teaching profession one to practice an environment charter of a university and give the incentive.
When you make participate in the aimed practice activity, of an ecology point system, an ecology point is given.
Practice activity support makes the following activity the subject. I'll begin to come into action in sequence.

  1. CO2 reduction activity is supported according to the brownout by which present is as correspondence to tight power circumstance.
  2. Participation support to environmental study
  3. Participation support to all kinds' volunteer activities

Community currency (currency on campus)

Community currency (currency on campus)Community currency (currency on campus)

 (Design cooperation: Ms. Faculty of Sociology, Department of Social Psychology 2nd year Mina Akizawa  Ms. Moe Sugita)

 The community currency which designed Founder and Dr. Enryo Inoue's caricature.

  • The kind will be "1 eco-money" per 1 point for 1 kind of "100 eco-money" (※ 1).
  • "1 eco-money" is equivalent to "1 yen".
  • "100 eco-money" is granted by the unit. (※ 2)

 (※ 1) it is established by each project respectively about point giving.
(※ 2) the first time issue will be issue from 300 eco-money for 300 points.

Mechanism of an ecology point

  1. Participation registration of an ecology point system is performed.
  2. Energy conservation activity is performed.
  3. An ecology point is saved by a point inkpad book.
  4. A currency on campus "eco-money" is granted.
  5. You can shop at a store in each campus (livelihood cooperative association, seven eleven and KEZUKA bookstore).

ArrowPoint inkpad bookArrowCommunity currency (currency on campus)ArrowShopping

 The person who participates in an ecology point system download the following application form, and please enter requirements and submit it to a desk.

 When hoping for participation by circle and the seminar unit, please use "participation registration note (group)".

( ※A name for the energy saving activity of Toyo University is being wanted. For more information, to the ecology campus project)