Message from the Director

Challenge for social contribution by the teaching staffs, office staffs and students

Professor Akemi Morita 
Director, Center for Social Contribution
Department of Social Welfare Faculty of Sociology

Social Contribution Center was established in the university 125th year anniversary of the establishment.
Its purposes are to succeed and develop the conventional Lifelong Learning Center and develop social contribution to Japan and the international community.
Toyo University has many expert researchers, and the study results are being taught to students.
The mission of Toyo University is very obvious; it is to do the training of human resources which carries to the next generation through education.
Our specialties and study results are utilized in not only education but people's lives, politics, economy, science, culture and other various fields.
In the educational principles of Toyo University, training people to "work on social problems on an independent method" is a big pillar.
Just after the establishment of "Tetsugakukan", "Tetsugakukan transcripts of lectures" were issued for "people without wealth and free time". After that off-campus education system was established. Through the system "social education" was conducted, and we succeeded it to the present correspondence courses.
In Meiji era, our founder made an inspection in the whole country to support people's learning nationwide. Results of the inspection were succeeded to Dispatch of instructors and open lectures at present.
Thus, Toyo University has continued social contribution that is based on the spirit of the establishment. In this way, training of human resources was being executed.
Our university began to walk a new history with the milestone of the 125th year. We plan to share and succeed the spirit of the establishment.
To train the human resources who can play an active role in the globalized society, the education which place emphasis on Philosophy Education, Globalization, and Career Preparation are being conducted.
Today, Japan and the international community have various difficulties and challenges.
As of four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the people who took refuge have various new problems.
To settle those, specialists and citizens have to work together in various viewpoints.
We need to accept various differences such as culture and occupation, and mutual assistance and challenge are required.
Toyo University's teaching staffs, office staffs, students, graduates, and citizens will work together to think about new challenges and work diligently on various issues, so that we will create a new society in the present age.
We kindly ask for your cooperation

April 1, 2015