Publication List

Publication List

AY 2017 Publications

"Potential Problems of Dirac Equation" by Hirokazu Tezuka

Dirac方程式のポテンシャル問題  Potential Problems of Dirac Equation (in Japanese)

  Hirokazu Tezuka work

  A5 size; superior binding; 160 pages; 2,000 yen + tax   Buy it here.

  ISBN 978-4-908590-03-0 C3042

  Published on July 15, 2017


Publication in fiscal year 2015

 "The Peloponnesian War" by Sumio Takabatake

Peloponnesian War
  The Peloponnesian War (in Japanese)

  Sumio Takabatake work

  Duodecimo, Finely-made, 256 pages, Price: 2200 yen+ tax Buy it here.
  ISBN 978-4-908590-00-9 C3023
  Issued on November 30, 2015

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