Research Subject (Management Skill Initiation Research Center)

The outline of research

Research Teams

RP Ⅰ: Emergence & Management Reforming of Small Businesses in Japan

Sub-leader: KOJIMA, Masatoshi
Members : ISHII, Haruo INOUE, Zenkai OHARA, Toru
MATSUMOTO, Yoshio KATO, Shigeo
SATO, Kazuyoshi MATUMURA, Youhei

RP Ⅱ : Creation of Asian Small Businesses & Global Entrepreneur Training

Sub-leader: KODA, Hirofumi
Members: LIU, Yong-ge YAMAGUCHI, Hiroyuki
NAKAMURA, Hisato IMAI, Masakazu

RP Ⅲ: on Global Entrepreneurship & Venture Management

Sub-leader: KAKIZAKI, Youichi
Members: OGURA, Yasuhiro NISHIZAWA, Akio
DONG, Jing-hui SHIMIZU, Kenta

Research Center for Creative Management, Toyo University

External Research Organizations with the Center

External research exchange engine

Contribution of research results

Research Center for Creative Management, Toyo University

As an opportunity to report an outcome of research, in addition to issuing the annual report gathering symposium holdings and activities of the center every year, we aim at publishing a research book in the middle and end of fiscal year. These research results will be sent to all the countries widely. By doing an enterprise investigation targeted for the domestic and foreign enterprises, we plan for further minuteness-ization to these research results.

Implementation of situations about the schedules of targets settled in each fiscal year is undertaken by organizing own evaluation committee and the outside evaluation committee. This is for the improvement of research activities, as well as utilizing the research outcome for the management education of managers and executives at enterprises, graduate schools and business school. It contributes towards an active research exchange with outside.