Future Goals

Future Goals

Understanding how populations of organisms develop survival strategies against environmental changes caused by humans and adapt to their environment is the key to solving many of the issues faced by society today, such as how to conserve diverse ecosystems and build a sustainable society. The goal of this research is that the results provide new guidelines to contribute to the conservation and preservation of aquatic environments, and are useful not only in making people's lives richer through the effective utilization of biological resources, but in fostering people that will contribute to the sustainable development of human societies and the development of innovative green technology in Japan. 
水圏生態系の一次消費者ミジンコ (Daphnia pulex) 調査対象地の一つである渡良瀬遊水地 Q-TRAP3200 LC-MS/MSによる化学分析

Daphnia—the primary consumers in aquatic ecosystems

Watarase Detention Basin—one of the areas where field studies are conducted

Chemical analysis using Q-TRAP3200 LC-MS/MS