White Paper on PPP

The purpose of the White Paper on Public Private Partnership is to  disseminate the latest trend of PPPs and related topics.

Since the establishment of  Course of Public/Private Partnership in fiscal year 2006, White Paper on PPP has been issued every year. It is issued by the Research Center for Public/Private Partnership from FY 2009. The White Paper is published from Jiji Press. It is published only in Japanese.

[Latest issue] White Paper on PPP 2018-2019 Public Real Estate and PPP

Publisher's web site https://bookpub.jiji.com/book/b432016.html


 I Special feature--PRE and PPP
Chapter 1  Future of merger and consolidation of schools
Chapter 2 Expectations to private sectors in utilization of public assets
Chapter 3 An inconvenient truth in PPP
Chapter 4 Expectations and challenges from a private sector
Chapter 5 Slum improvement with social REIT scheme
Chapter 6 Smart infrastructure use in public administration buildings
Chapter 7 Potential of land banks in Japan--Public interventions into privately owned assets
Chapter 8 Land ownership and abandoned farmland

 II  Trends in PPP
Introduction Development of a PPP policy in recent years
Chapter 1 Trends in PPP (the public service type)
Chapter 2 Trends in PPP (the public property utilization type)
Chapter 3 Trends in PPP (regulation and the lead type)
Chapter 4 The environment that PPP is surrounded

The III Keywords

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