17th International PPP Forum -Limitations of the SDGs and future prospects-

The SDGs systematize all the world's themes from the perspective of sustainable development, and are shared around the world as a tool for all countries, people, and organizations to objectively evaluate their level of achievement and manage their progress. Various action plans based on the SDGs are being formulated and put into action.

We live in one planet and all events and actions influence the  others, so the SDGs, the common measure and the common language is important.

Unfortunately, however, concerns have arisen in recent years about the functioning of the SDGs: according to the Sustainable Development Report, performance in 2021 has clearly deteriorated. This is due to a decline in Goal 3, "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being," because of the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, security concerns triggered by the situation in Ukraine have led to a decline in Goal 16, "Promote peaceful and inclusive societies," which is expected to deteriorate further in the coming year.


To reaffirm and advance the usefulness of the SDGs, it may be necessary to incorporate a mechanism to realize the goals in the SDGs themselves. PPPs are expected to contribute their wisdom in support of the realization of the other 16 Goals. Needless to say, this is a very serious topic that will not be easily resolved, but it is also an unavoidable theme when discussing the new post-2030 goals (nextSDGs).

The first half will discuss how PPPs should be used and modified to achieve high goals in this rapidly changing era, to achieve the ambitious goals of SDGs. The second half of the forum will focus on recovery and reconstruction of infrastructure, cities and the people's lives and the economy after disastrous events. This session will discuss the ideal form for comprehensive urban, economic, and social reconstruction, and how effective PPP can contribute to it.


The 17h International PPP Forum has ended. Thank you very much.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022 1:10 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Japan time


1310                    Opening remarks               Etuko Yaguchi (University President)

1315~1325          Video message                   Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

1325~1355          Speech“Limitations of SDGs, how can we achieve it?”  Pedro Neves

13551425         Speech 2  “PPPs in the time of change”              Ziad Hayek

1425~1435          Break

14351455         Speech 3  “Resilient cities and the use of PPPs”  David Dodd

14551510         Speech 4  “Tohoku recovery and lessons learnt”   Yu Namba

15101520         Change of stage layout

15301700         Panel discussion

1700                    End of session