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The Research Center for PPP is established under the Graduate School of Economics Course of PPP in the academic year 2008. The center is in charge of researches and disseminating research result and outcomes through events and publications.

Research Center for PPP foundation commemorate symposium (March, 2009) Research Center for PPP foundation commemorate symposium (March, 2009)

Outline of the Research Center for Public Private Partnership

Toyo University established the Course of Public Private Partnership which is the first Master's degree program in the country to specialize in Public Private Partnership (PPP) under the Graduate School of Economics in 2006. PPP is a method to solve problems of a region by collaboration among public, private and citizens. In fiscal year 2008, Research Center was established when the research project, "Formation of research base for PPP in regional revitalization (Theoretical research for designing an optimal RFP)" was selected as a MEXT-Supported Programs for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Characteristics of the research center

The problem with a PPP is that a project--scope, method, schedule and etc.--is decided by the public sector, and ends up being unreasonable/insufficient for the private sector or citizens. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to design a Request for Proposal, RFP to maximize the capacity of private sectors. The research center is aimed to scientifically analyze and devise optimal RFPs for public, private and citizens, which are conventionally relied on a rule of thumb.
Graduates with intention and ability to continuously contribute to researches are playing a core role as research partners. They are engaged in actual PPP projects in municipalities and private enterprises and the center can substantiate the research by reflecting their experiences.

Research collaboration with overseas PPP institutions

Signing MOU with Georgia Tech and FSUThe center and the graduate school (Course of PPP) are conducting case studies and building networking with research institutions in abroad to introduce international PPP experiences to Japan.

Study trips to the US (in 2008) and Europe (Spain, France, and the UK in 2010), and participation to international conferences including the PPP Days 2012, which was hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and World Bank are some examples of our international activities.

Fiscal year Institution[Country]

National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP)[USA]
Urban Land Institute (ULI) [USA]
Georgia Institute of Technology[USA]
Florida Atlantic University[USA]
Institut de la Gestion Déléguée(IGD=PPP Research Center)[France]
International City/County Management Association(ICMA)[USA]

2010 Infrastructure UK[UK]
United Nations PPP Initiative[Switzerland]
Asian Development Bank [Philippines]
2011 Philippine Center for Economic Development, University of the Philippines[Philippines]
University of San Jose-Ricoletos[Philippines]
Caraga State University[Philippines]
Father Saturnino Urios University[Philippines]
Saint Joseph Institute of Technology[Philippines]
International Islamic University Malaysia[Malaysia]
2013 National University of Civil Engineering, Hanoi[Vietnam]


a.Research fellows     

Faculty members in the Course of PPP (Professors/associate professors/lecturers/visiting professors) also serve as Research Fellows at Research Center for PPP. Click here for faculty members

b.Research Partner

Among the graduates of Course of PPP, those who have the ability and intention to contribute to the concrete solutions of the economic society through the study of PPP are certified as "research partners" of Research Center for PPP at Toyo University.

Research partners will publish at least one research outcome every year and participate in activities of the research center such as publishing PPP White Paper and Collected papers on PPP, organizing annual International PPP forum, and researches conducted by the research center and local governments.

The research partner is currently the only qualification in the field of PPP in Japan. It is also to open up new opportunities for their organization and themselves.

List of Research Partners (As of April 2016)[Japanese]