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UNECE International PPP Specialist Centre of Excellence - PPPs in Local Governments


About the Centre

The Specialist Centre on PPPs in Local Governments provides research, adivisory, consultation and capacity building programs to wide variety of topics relating to PPPs. We create values for government officials who are working to implement PPPs at the local level, local government officials and leaders, local businesses, and people.

We believe that Public Private Partnerships are most needed at the local level-where people live.
By local government we refer to several levels of governmental bodies at sub-national level—state, province, prefecture, county, municipality, village, township and some specific functional authorities such as water district, school district and so on. Local governments provide many functions such as basic education, sanitation, water, waste management, welfare, health, habitat, climate change prevention, disaster risk reduction and mitigation, culture and leisure. Therefore, improving the capacity of local governments will directly improve the lives of people, and hence contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The ICoE PPPs in Local Governments is hosted by Toyo PPP and is part of the United Nations’ International Centre of Excellence on PPPs.

Best Practices and case studies

We provide some of the cases we have involved to UNECE's Compendium of People First PPP Case Studies for the UN SDGs.

Butuan, Agusan del Norte, Philippines (2016)

Shiwa, Iwate, Japan (2018)

Standard development


Other activities

Capacity building seminars
Toyo PPP provides short-term PPP capacity building seminars for government officials and public sectors. We have basic/intermediate and advanced program, which can cover PPP policy, institutions, project appraisal, development, structuring and other various topics.

Toyo PPP host annual international PPP forum and other events in Japan.

Publications PPP White Paper, Collected papers of the Research Center for PPP
Toyo PPP has published an annual PPP White Paper since 2006 and a biannual online peer-review academic journal (Collected Papers of the Research Center for PPP). PPP White Paper is available only in Japanese. Submissions for the Collected Papers can be made in English or in Japanese.

PPP Knowledge Platform (United Nations Institute for Training and Research(UNITAR))
This platform is developed by Toyo PPP for UNITAR.


UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence

UNECE Compendium of People First PPP Case Studies for the UN SDGs


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