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Newsletter (in English)

Newsletter No.37 (in English)



Newsletter (in Japanese)

Newsletter No.56 (in Japanese)



International Symposium

International Symposium “Towards the Actualization of SDGs in Asia and Latin America - In Relation to Common Bonds between Brazil and Japan” November 23, 2018

International Symposium “Cross-boundary Human Development for SDGs through International Networking” November 25, 2017



Symposium “Enhance of Human Security through Improvement of Living Environment in Developing Countries - TOYO SDGs Global 2020-2030-2037 - ” October 9, 2019

Symposium “International Contributions and Realization of SDGs -The Field of Sustainable Development- ” November 22, 2019


International Workshop

International Workshop "Capacity Development of Field Officers by CeSDeS and World Vision" November 24, 2020 

International Workshop on Environmental Conservation and Education for lake Inle, Myanmar, February 6, 2020

International Workshop and study tour "Environmental Improvement for lake Inle, Myanmar" March 7.8, 2019

International Workshop "Environmental Education for lake Inle, Myanmar" March 7.8.9, 2018

International Workshop "Disaster Resilience and Recovery  - Asian Experience and Research Opportunities in Italy-"July 4, 2017

International Workshop "What Can We Do for Sustainable Development?Sharing Experiences between Kenya and Japan" June 24.25, 2017



Annual Report (In Japanese)

Annual Report on 2019



Research Accomplishment Report (In Japanese)

Research Accomplishment Report from 2015 to 2019


Books (In Japanese)

"SDGs and International Contributions in the Age of the Pandemic: Researches toward the Goals of 2030 (in Japanese) "
November 1, 2021



"Evidence-based Knowledge to Achieve SDGs from Field Activities (English Edition) "
April 3, 2021



"International Contribution and Realization of SDGs (in Japanese) "
November 1, 2019




"Sustainable Development Goals and International Contribution (in Japanese) "
September 1, 2017




“International Development and Endogenous Development (in Japanese) ”
September 5, 2014


International Development and Environment (in Japanese) ”
August 25, 2012


“Sustainable Development Studies (in Japanese) ” 
August 25, 2008


“Sustainable Development on Global Environment Studies (in Japanese) ” 
August 25, 2005


Environmentally Sustainable Development Studies (in Japanese)” 
February 20, 2004



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