Visiting Researchers and Research Assistants

Visiting Researcher

Md. Mafizur Rahman

Research on water supply in Bangladesh

Morihiro Kurushima

Research on Cooperation  and the symbiosis with Asian countries for hydrogen energy society

Lan-Fang Ryu

Research on international sightseeing exchange promotions in Asian on developing area

Yoshiko Murakami

Research on the influence of water supply equipment on the river water quality


Research on the Impact of Water Shortage of Agricultural and Pastoral areas on the Livelihoods of Farmers and Herdsmen in Ineer Mongolia of China

Maria Rosario Piquero-Ballescas

Research on Gender and Sustainable Community in Developing Countries

Elli W. Sugita

Research on Social Development Related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in African Societies

Miku Okada

Research on public health in developing countries

Yasushi Matsufuji

Research on Waste management in Developing Countries 

Haruka Ono

Research on informal urbanism in Africa and Asia

Shigeyuki Matsumoto

A Study on International Cooperation for Improvement of Water Supply Utilities and
Non-Revenue Water Reduction in Developing Countries

Maki Iwasaki

Research on Middle Eastern Studies and Comparative Religion

Thapa Sakhila

Research on Social Networking Service for Youth Education in Nepal

HaeChong O

Research on hydrosphere restoration for environmental symbiosis urban development

Tsunehumi Inoue

Research on the waste and environmental issues in and around ASEAN areas

Lama Bahbouh

A Study on "the reasons behind adopting different policies towards asylum seekers in Japan"

Pierre Flamand

A Study on Septage Management Efficiency in Developing Countries 

Qingsheng Zhou

Research on Supply-demand Balance of Compost from Agricultural Organic Wastes in Henan Province, China

Ryo Omatsu

A Study on Environment Protection and Social Care Policy for Regions Affected by Nuclear Power Plants Decommissioning

Yasuo Obikane

A Study on Engineering Education using UAV & Drone in Developing Countries

Mohamed Abdin

A Study on the Conflict and Cooperation of the Concerned States about the Water Resource of Nile River 

Kozo Nagami

A Study on the Policy Formulation and Planning Methods on Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Recovery

Hiroya Takamatsu

A Study on Foreign Residents’ Concentrated Area in the Suburbs of Metropolitan Areas

Akie Yada

A Comparative study on coparenting

Takumi Yada

A comparative study on co-parenting

Takashi Yuasa

Study on the Mechanism of Water Quality and Evaluation of Environmental Conservation Measures in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Kozue Kashiwazaki  
Shingo Ashizawa  
Hiroko Akiba  
Daisuke Ito  

Cherki Mohamed Hamza

A Study on the Feasibility of Solid Waste Composting Through Benefit to Cost Analysis Within the Context of an Urban Area of Morocco

Nguyen Linh

Establishing a framework for community based action plan from a waste management initiative: a collective recycling model

Khan Agha Babar Ali

Multidisciplinary approach to assist policy makers and educate vulnerable communities towards the formulation of strategies for disaster risk reduction

Kim Junhee

A Study on the Combined Impact of Regional Development Projects on the Social Capital of Local Communities in South Korea