Toward International Contribution in Asia and Africa in the Era of Globalization

Theme: International Contribution, Sustainable Business and Inclusive Africa

Research target

At Toyo University Center for Sustainable Development Studies, research and practice on the international contribution to implement the sustainable development goals (SDGs). They can be the new index of post MDGs in the development for the third world. In addition to the past research areas of Asia, some African areas have been added, and the development of the universal method to achieve endogenous development in conformity with the globalized age through substantiality of social infrastructure.

Three circles

Research contents

Three major research contents are; "society and the foundation of economic foundation"(in particular, international contribution for this), "human resources formation for societies"(wide range of fields particularly in Africa), and "society formation by sustainable business"(in particular, sustainable business). Each research topic requires the development of solutions at an early stage, as well as being linked to other another. They are also solved by achieving good results and working closely with relative authorities.


Research organization

Toyo UniversityCenter for Sustainable Development Studies is operated under the Director of the Center and the project leader (Kitawaki Associate President), Research Fellow of our full-time students, Visiting Research Fellow from other universities, and research assistant (University's Graduate School doctoral latter period course students). In addition, we utilize overseas branch offices of our University as research base in foreign countries, as well as forming the new overseas base in Africa. We also founded the Administrative Offices for the evaluation of activities at the center, setting up the evaluation committee which consists of the outside specialists to obtain effective advice, supporting research activities and returning the research outcomes to the society.


Structure of Research